Nokia to unveil ‘iPhone killer’ code-named ‘Tube’ on October 2

“Nokia will unveil its first touch-screen phone next week in a direct challenge to Apple’s successful iPhone, two industry sources told Reuters on Friday,” Tarmo Virki reports for Reuters.

“LG Electronics, Samsung Electronics and several smaller handset vendors have rolled out their own touch-screen phones over the last two years, while the first handset using Google’s Android platform will also have a touch screen,” Virki reports.

MacDailyNews Note: All “uni-touch,” not Multi-Touch™.

Virki continues, “Both sources said Nokia would unveil its new phone — code-named “Tube” — on Oct. 2 at an analyst and media event in London.”

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Virki continues, “‘The phone is extremely important,’ said Gartner analyst Carolina Milanesi. ‘We have been waiting for the market leader to respond to Apple’s iPhone for a year and a half now. There is a lot of pressure on Nokia.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JES42” for the heads up.]

“It’s the same old, same old in an iPhone-inspired wrapper… You can judge the distance behind and overall cluelessness of iPhone’s future roadkill by the amount they copy the iPhone’s exterior… This ceaseless quest to dress up antiques in Apple veneer is pathetic and sad… The question I’m left with for [all] of these companies rolling out imitation iPhones this year is: Exactly how stupid do you think your customers are?” – SteveJack, MacDailyNews, April 01, 2008


  1. If anyone can do an iPhone competitor right, it’s Nokia. I’m hoping this will not be so good, but it’s likely to be better than iPhone in at least some categories.

    Nokia is famous for having better cameras in their phones and it will have a video camera as well. That alone will make the iPhone look stupid, and it will take Apple at least another year to upgrade it’s camera. Another factor is the market will be full of iPhone 3G users stuck with horrible two and three year contracts, and in my country at least, the cell providers will not let you just upgrade the handset a year into your three year contract.

    If the UI on the new Nokia is as bad as the silly name, then iPhone will still be king, but maybe not.

  2. I want to say firstly I love Apple products, however i’m not a fan of the above poor journalism.

    Firstly the above photo of the Tube was the prototype from back in April, Engadget has the release version on its site if your interested, no its not too dissimilar visually to the iphone still but then i do wonder from the front how are touch phones going to look wildly different.

    Secondly MacDailyNews ignores every analyst report about Apple, dismissing them as Anal-ysts and idiots then when it suits them quotes analysts to diss a rival product, selective journalism.

    Thirdly slating a phone that they clearly havent seen the final design of yet alone used is ridiculous, the sensible thing to have done would be wait for it to come out, and do a side comparison between the phones in an balanced manner, then I could of respected the MDN opinion.

    Im not a Nokia fan boy, I own a Sony Ericsson k850i, because like most Europeans I value camera quality and MMS, Nokia built up its market share on phones that were easy to use no matter your technological ability as a result they have strong loyalty from customers so this phone will in all likelyhood be a wild success particularly if it has a better camera than the iphone and MMS.

    Just re reading this article one last time, passing comment on a product 6 months before its release date? crazy

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