Apple patent filings suggest future Safari improvements

“A pair of new patent filings from Apple include suggestions for improving the browsing experience offered through its Safari Web browser, such as a adaptive media support and a visual history tree that more accurately shows users where they’ve been and how they got there,” Sam Oliver reports for AppleInsider.

“Both filings are relatively fresh, having been filed in January and April of this year, respectively, and each are credited to known members of the Cupertino-based company’s Mac OS technology and QuickTime teams,” Oliver reports.

“Of particular interest is the filing for improved navigation history display, which suggests that a user’s browser history be presented in the form of a visual tree diagram tied to a timeline, rather than as a linear list of previously accessed pages that otherwise lacks structure,” Oliver reports.

“In the second filing, Apple looks to solve the problem where Mac users are sometimes prevented from viewing digital media — primarily videos — on the Web because Safari lacks the means required for display of that media in its preferred format… As a solution, the company proposes that Safari examine metadata included with the media item to determine whether the content can be displayed in an alternative format supported natively by the browser, or through plug-ins that could retrieved and installed on the spot,” Oliver reports.

More details and patent app illustrations in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Brawndo Drinker” and “MacVicta” for the heads up.]


  1. oh shiny! I want a history tree! When can I get it?

    Seriously, unless you are mcsame and your browser history is under 3 pages for all time, you have to see the advantage in this….

  2. OK, this is off topic but did anyone noticed that first generation iPhone’s triangulation has improved in 2.1?
    It actually works now pretty accurately.
    Is it just me because my area was flooded with WiFi hotspots or is it something that was fixed by AT&T;/Apple

  3. @ Rob–

    Actually, 2.1 made mine worse. Before the update, Loopt put my location exactly where it should be. Afterward, it’s off by about three miles.

    So, I think it is just you. Sorry.

  4. Squirlfish Extreme (SFX) just came out in the webkit nightlies and it is FAST. About 3x as fast as the rescent FF3 nightlies and 20X as fast as IE8Beta on the Sunspider benchmark. I would like to see safari or webkit implement a DNS prefetching system like google’s chrome. I just love browser competition. The browser is slowly replacing the OS as the most important platform.

    As far as the patent regarding web history, they should integrate it with the isight camera so you can have a picture of what you were wearing when you visited a certain page.

  5. wow shent! that is funny!

    don’t be mean Modbus, shent inspires research…. and then you learn things like:

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    yeah that “bad black muslim” candidate is the problem! don’t pick on the established candidate!

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    yeah, lets compare donations.

    but i don’t expect a republican to actually have a grip on “facts” or anything like that…

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