Huge crowds celebrate grand opening of Belfast Apple Store

Apple Store Victoria Square in Belfast celebrated their grand opening on Saturday September 20th.

BBC News reports, “Hundreds of people have queued outside the new Apple store in Belfast for its first day of opening, with some waiting all night to be the first through the doors.”

BBC News’ video, “Queues at Belfast Apple store opening,” here.

“The first hardy souls started the queue before 11pm last night. Matthew, Michael, Stuart, Wayne and Karl. Another few arrived after midnight (better prepared with camp seats!). And then it was early morning – 5am-ish – when the rest of the queue started to form,” Alan in Belfast reports.

Read Alan in Belfast’s full account, with photos, here.

Video of Apple Store Victoria Square’s grand opening via YouTube:

More info, directions, and calendar of events for Apple Store Victoria Square here.


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    As a rebuttal, you are putting words in my mouth. Instead of carrying this any further, I hope you can detect the fallacy yourself?
    Seriously, I propose we move on.

  2. adahsofflair

    That’s fine, but as a way to diffuse your logic on this, let’s take religion out, and suppose jarretdailynews claimed “The only thing worse than driving a Chevy/GMC is driving a Ford” to which I might reply “So I am worse off than a Yugo driver?”

    The Yugo is a piece of shit, but that doesn’t mean the country that built it was.

    Oh, and incidentally, your statement “IMHO — yes you are.” could be considered as ‘bashing’ something. Feel better?

  3. A poem for young Alan in Belfast
    Who saw no humor in Troubles past
    When another acted a prick
    By penning a lame Limerick
    He responded ‘Enjoy that Cork up your ass?’

  4. There once was a blue whale from Spain,
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  6. @ Ping,

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    Where did I say in any statement that if a person is religious that they are a terrorist?

  7. jarrettdailynews: Where did I say in any statement that if a person is religious that they are a terrorist?

    you didn’t. I was commenting on the course of the debate in general and on the incorrect assumption that everybody was religious.

  8. Ping: I believe in – among other things – science. Scientists are not always right, nor is it always “right”, but I believe their method will lead to truth. Even if that truth destroys us.
    We all need to believe in something. That something need not be as nebulous as most religious belief, nor need it be amenable to being developed into a destructive force. It may be as simple, and as provably false, as my belief in my abilities as a speaker.
    See G.L.Horton’s Stage Page Podcast and judge for yourself – it will NOT effect my own belief in my skills as speaker or as sound editor.
    Sorry … needed a case-in-point.
    Is there nothing you believe in that another might take exception to? Perhaps that the Mac is far and away a better PC than either a Windows box or a Linux box?

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