Apple iPhone 3G 8GB units in short supply

“If you move fast, you might be able to snatch one of the last remaining 8 GB iPhones in California. It’s at the Valley Fair Mall in Santa Clara. All the other Apple stores in the state — including the company’s flagship outlets in Los Angeles and San Francisco — have run dry of what has turned out to be the most popular version of the device,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune.

“And California is not alone. There are no 8 GB iPhones to be had in Miami, Boston, Chicago or Denver. The only store in New York City that carries them is the glass cube on Fifth Ave. If that store runs out, New Yorkers will have to drive to Syracuse, Atlantic City or out to the middle of Long Island. Either that or settle for one of the higher-priced 16 GB models, which are still available in most Apple stores,” Elmer-DeWitt reports.

“By Friday night, only 36 of Apple’s 197 U.S. retail outlets still had 8 GB iPhones in stock, down from 46 on Thursday,” Elmer-DeWitt reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “JES42” for the heads up.]


  1. OH NO!

    The iPhone has no chance to make a dent in the market.

    Other companies have been doing it for years and a pc company just will not walk in and get it right.

    Just watch what happens when you care about a product, it use, and throw in some good old fashion innovation.

    Waiting for the new next generation iPhone, my contract will be up by then!

  2. Im hoping next version of the iPhone will have a faster processor, some way to cache web pages and other apps so you don’t have to load stuff from scratch from the web, I want offline viewing of content, and more responsive device over all for some tasks.

  3. This is all on purpose. Apple needs to introduce a new camera (5MP) on its iPhones – 2MP really isn’t good enough – and of course to do that it needs a stock refresh. Since when have they ever accidentally run out of stock? A new camera doesn’t require a whole new ceremony, after all (or maybe on “October 14th” it’ll be a sort of aside).

  4. why on earth do you want a 5mp camera on a cell phone? the lens is tiny!! yuck

    So takes up more room to take pictures, fills up more space, takes barely perceptibly better pictures but they take nearly 3x as long to email to someone.

    Please someone tell me why this is a good idea??

  5. All this means is that there is more supply than demand. Apple has only just released the 3G phone.

    Good news for Apple because the iPhone is a huge hit. Let’s hope that supply can be increased to cope with the Xmas rush.

  6. @ Macintosher:

    You realize that MP determines the size of the image, and not the clarity… Right?

    Do you want larger images at a lower quality? That’s what you would get by packing a 5MP sensor into the iPhone.

    The Mars Rovers (Spirit & Opportunity) have a 1MP camera, but a huge sensor and a good lens. Have you seen the quality of the images that they have returned? Outstanding.

    I suggest investigating the MP myth, and reconsider your thoughts…

  7. ” Apple needs to introduce a new camera (5MP) on its iPhones – 2MP really isn’t good enough.”

    While you’re at it Apple, make the iPhone much bigger. I can’t grasp it with my gumby paws, let alone dial.

  8. just enjoy the one we’ve got people!

    Jebus! If you keep waiting and wanting more, well… you’ll never get to know the fabulousness that is iphone!

    Just get one and quit making stupid excuses. It is not a camera, it is a computer. Get a cheap cam and be happy. Sheeesh!

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