Forbes’ 400 Richest Americans: #61 Steve Jobs, $5.7 billion

Forbes’ annual list of the 400 Richest Americans is out and Apple CEO Steve Jobs places #61 this year with $5.7 billion. Not bad for a guy whose salary is just $1 a year:

Jobs dismisses health worries, but shareholders fret his pancreatic cancer has returned after gaunt pictures of the King of the iGeeks surfaced in June. Stock up more than 100% between January 2007 and January 2008; now down 16% as the market reacts to health concerns. Launched new iPhone 3G in July. Sleeker, faster gadget sells for $300, half the price of the original; sold one million units on first weekend. Original iPhone took 74 days to reach millionth sale. Founded Apple in garage. Created Macintosh 1976, fired 9 years later after power struggle with chief exec John Sculley. Bought Pixar for $10 million, transformed firm into animation darling with hits Toy Story, Finding Nemo. Sold to Disney 2006 for 7.3% stake in the company—now worth $4.3 billion. Returned to Apple 1996. A third of Apple’s $24 billion annual revenues are from iPod. Tweaked iterations introduced last month.

MacDailyNews Note: Make that “helped create Macintosh 1979-1984,” “resigned in 1985,” and “new iPhone 3G starts at $199.” Otherwise, close enough. Do some research and fact-checking before publishing, Forbes.

The Top 10:
1. Bill Gates
2. Warren Buffett
3. Lawrence Ellison
4. Jim Walton
5. S Robson Walton
6. Alice Walton
7. Christy Walton & Family
8. Michael Bloomberg
9. Charles Koch
10. David Koch

Forbes’ 400 Richest Americans is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ampar” for the heads up. Thanks to “fisherbln” for catching Forbes’ iPhone price mistake.]

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