Light up your iPhone with Smule’s Sonic Lighter

Smule, a developer of interactive sonic applications for the iPhone, has introduced its first product, the Sonic Lighter, now available through Apple iTunes’ App Store for US$0.99.

The Sonic Lighter offers:
• Multi-touch and tilt input to ignite and/or manage flames
• Sonic Modem (via speaker and microphone) to ignite adjacent Sonic Lighters
• Breath and wind input (modeled over microphone) to extinguish flames
• Global flame map indicates where you and others have created light

“I personally don’t believe that it’s really an iPhone — it looks, sounds, and feels like an actual flame to me,” said Dr. Ge Wang, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for Smule, in the press release. “I’ve found the flame map to be quite useful, especially at night.”

Smule’s Sonic Lighter:

More info here.

Stay tuned for the summer intern, er… App Store Evaluation Team at Apple to pull it from the App Store based upon random whim, er… complex algorithms that, without fail, correctly determine uniqueness, worthiness, and appropriateness (tip calculators excluded, of course; you can never have enough tip calculators).


  1. Apparently Apple really, really like those flashlight/lighter apps. Maybe Steve, Phil, Scott and Jonny have a new lighter/flashlight app for each day of the week?

    And now we know what Apple does when it isn’t designing groundbreaking products – it sits mesmerized by digital naked flames!

  2. This will go great with my new ‘CrackPipe’ app!
    (providing it doesn’t duplicate an iTunes function).

    Just touch the lighter to the dock,
    hold down the home button-carburetor,
    and draw on the headphone jack, then…

    what were we talking about?

  3. It’s a good thing they made this! Just the other day, I was browsing through the app store, and I said to myself, “Man, if only I could find some sort of a lighter, or a flashlight to go with all of these different versions of Sudoku!”

  4. I bet this product becomes the hottest app at the iTunes App Store – which will be a real burn to the PhoneSaber!

    @NickFury and HolyMackerel!!!
    Explosive comments! Ignited many a bad memories of beer, lighters and college dorms!

  5. Now, if only it was a real lighter, I could light my cigarette and not have to carry around a lighter.

    Hm. Maybe if they put the CPU into a really tight look, they could generate enough heat… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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