Create the best presentation you’ve ever seen with Apple’s Keynote

Apple’s Keynote “kicks the ass of Powerpoint out of the pond. And it kicks it so hard, that Powerpoint will never be able to swim in that pond again,” Milind Alvares reports for Smoking Apples.

Keynote is the most amazing presentation tool out there. Within minutes, you can create smooth presentations that will bring out that real ‘Wow’ (not the pathetic one Microsoft talked about with Vista). Already up at version 4, Keynote has matured, and has some great features like instant alphas, transitions and templates that are guaranteed to make people just stare at your presentations,” Alvares reports.

“You should note that I failed my computer practicals in college (topic was Microsoft Office) mainly cause I couldn’t make a good enough Powerpoint presentation. But within 10 minutes I had figured out how to work Keynote and made a stunning presentation my dad, then used on one of his talks. It has been three years since and he swears by Keynote presentations,” Alvares reports. “As you can see, so do I.”

Alvares reports, “In this little mini series, I’m going to show you what Keynote is about, how to use it, as well as let you download the each of the presentations that I will make. This will be a standard step by step tutorial so you can learn as you go. There might excessive use of superlatives like awesome and amazing, but that’s just the way it is. By the end of this series, you will be able to create the best presentation you have ever seen. So follow the steps, download the Keynote files, and let’s try and make it fun!”

Full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: “I doubt what they’ve done is as rich as PowerPoint.” – Bill Gates, Microsoft Chairman, January 8, 2003


  1. At a point in the future, people will not want to know if something is Windows or Office compatible because Apple will have taken things to the next level that Microsoft can’t do.

    They will just drop that old school spyware virus infected Windows PC in the trash and get a Mac!

  2. The author rightfully observes that new Mac users usally aren’t aware of iWork’s existence.

    In fact, the situation is worse, many salespeople actually advise Mac switchers (and upgraders alike) to purchase the latest copy of Microsoft Office.

  3. @Jersey_Trader “They will just drop that old school spyware virus infected Windows PC in the trash and get a Mac”

    I firmly believe that Macs will replace the pc for most users, but there will always be a place for a boring workhorse in some tasks. The question is whether Microsoft can get their OS on them instead of the safer and more stable Linux.

  4. Oftentimes, Keynote just can’t make it into the corporate board room (as there are no Macs of any kind allowed in there). So, I do my presentation in Keynote, export to PPT and deliver in PPT. It is nowhere near as rich, since most of the Keynote features aren’t available, but at least I’m the only guy with very cool-looking presentations.

    The world has by now learned to recognise, within 80 nanoseconds, a PowerPoint template. There are only about a half dozen decent ones. In Keynote, there are about 30 excellent, usable templates. My presentations always have an unique look.

    Hopefully, one day, I’ll be able to hook up my own MacBook to that boardroom display. The real thing (meaning, the Keynote) will blow everyone away.

  5. iWork is the best Productivity package out on the market today. Keynote is the by Presentation program because ‘the cheapest beta and QA tester in the world tests it”, while Steve’s Keynote is I’m sure ahead of the released version all the extras will get in a release down the road. Steve also uses Pages and Numbers too.
    iWork is rock solid and getting better with each release.

  6. ‘I doubt what they’ve done is as rich as PowerPoint,’ said Gates, who added he had not seen Apple’s program,” reports Reuters

    I guess that Microsoft still hasn’t looked at Keynote or they would have tried to copy all of Keynote into Powerpoint by now. That or their so stuck on the path that they’ve laid out that they just can’t change it.

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