Apple releases WebObjects Update 5.4.3 for Mac OS X 10.5

Apple has released WebObjects Update 5.4.3 for Mac OS X 10.5.

WebObjects gives developers a comprehensive suite of tools and frameworks for quickly developing standards-based web services and Java server applications. A powerful rapid application development environment, backed by web service, data access, and page generation capabilities, extends the reach of developers and reduces the cost of ownership by ensuring flexible, maintainable design. WebObjects is the ideal way to develop, deploy, and extend powerful web services.

WebObjects 5.4.3 is an update release for the version of WebObjects included in the Mac OS X Leopard tools. This release addresses issues in the areas of runtime database interaction, Direct to Web, and field validation, among others. This update can be installed on Mac OS X 10.5.3 or later with Xcode 3.1 or later version of the Developer Tools installed.

This update addresses the following issues:
• EOF Database snapshot not updating
• Webassistant not available for D2W apps
• Exceptions when using WOTextField with formatters
• Duplicate primary keys generated by FrontBase JDBC Adaptor under load
• Additional issue fixes

More info and download link (158.47MB) here.


  1. @jeff

    I’ve been looking for the same thing, I picked up one of the books and that was good for a basic intro but for anything beyond that you pretty much have to dig through forums…

    Haven’t looked at it in several months, on projects right now that are in PHP…

  2. Along with Jeff and McScrith, I have always been curious why there is a dearth of training materials for WebObjects. I mean, I thought WebObjects was supposed to be fantastic. Apple’s website is designed with it and the iTunes Store, too, right? It advertises as being a rapid web development system. So why don’t you hear more about it? Why aren’t developers talking about it as much as other technologies like Ruby on Rails? Why can’t you find lots of training materials and support for it???

  3. As a long time WebObjects developer I thought I had better speak up. Yes WebObjects is cool, yes it is fantastic. Yes there is a lack of books 🙁 BUT there are websites.
    I would recommend you check out the following..

    If your after a book you can’t go past “Practical WebObjects” by Charles Hill, although its more for medium to advanced users.

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