Apple intros new iPod touch, ‘the funnest iPod ever’

Apple today introduced the second generation iPod touch featuring an thin contoured metal design, a 3.5-inch widescreen glass display, 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi wireless networking, integrated volume control buttons, a built-in speaker for casual listening, a built-in accelerometer and other advanced sensors, and Apple’s revolutionary Multi-Touch user interface. iPod touch, now available for just $229 for the 8GB model, is perfect for playing music, movies and games, with millions of songs, thousands of Hollywood movies and hundreds of games available on the iTunes Store.

“iPod touch is the funnest iPod we’ve ever created,” said Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO, in the press release. “Users can listen to millions of songs, watch thousands of Hollywood movies and now, thanks to the App Store, download and play hundreds of great games on their iPod touch.”

The new iPod touch is smaller and lighter than the original, with a sleek new design that features a contoured metal enclosure with integrated volume control buttons and a brilliant 3.5-inch widescreen glass display. With its rounded edges, flush display and curved, more compact design, the new iPod touch is more comfortable to hold and more portable than ever.

iPod touch users can choose from hundreds of exciting game titles such as “Spore Origins” and “Scrabble” from Electronic Arts, and “Real Football 2009” from Gameloft available on iTunes or directly through the App Store application on the iPod touch. The revolutionary App Store works over Wi-Fi, enabling users to browse, purchase and wirelessly download applications directly onto their iPod touch and start using them instantly. The App Store features an incredible array of applications in a wide variety of categories, including games, travel, entertainment, social networking, sports and much more.

iPod touch works seamlessly with iTunes so you can import, manage, and then easily auto-sync your favorite content. With up to 36 hours of music playback or six hours of video playback on a single charge, the new iPod touch is the ultra-portable way to enjoy your favorite music, TV shows, movies and games on the go. The 32GB model holds up to 7,000 songs, 25,000 photos or 40 hours of video; the 16GB model holds up to 3,500 songs, 20,000 photos or 20 hours of video, and the 8GB model holds up to 1,750 songs, 10,000 photos and 10 hours of video.

The new iPod touch works with the new iTunes 8 Genius feature, allowing customers to automatically create playlists while on the go. Users can preview the playlist Genius creates, refresh the list to choose different songs and save Genius playlists to enjoy again later.

The new iPod touch also features built-in Nike + iPod support making it an incredible workout companion. Users simply place the optional Nike + iPod sensor (US$19) in their Nike + shoe to seamlessly connect with the new iPod touch to track miles run or sync with the latest generation gym equipment.

The iPod is the world’s most popular family of digital music players with over 160 million sold. Apple’s incredible new lineup includes the iPod shuffle in four vivid new colors starting at just $49; the iPod classic in one slimline model with 50 percent more capacity for the same great price — 120GB of storage for just $249; the fourth generation iPod nano featuring a gorgeous curved metal and curved glass enclosure, in nine vibrant colors starting at $149; and the second generation iPod touch now starting at just $229. iPod owners can choose from a vast ecosystem of accessories with over 5,000 products made specifically for the iPod including speaker systems, fitness accessories, fashionable cases and iPod connectivity available in over 90 percent of new car models sold in the US.

The new iPod touch is available immediately for a suggested price of $229 for the 8GB model, $299 for the 16GB and $399 for the 32 GB model through the Apple Store, Apple’s retail stores and Apple Authorized Resellers. iPod touch requires a Mac with a USB 2.0 port, Mac OS X v10.4.10 or later and iTunes 8; or a Windows PC with a USB 2.0 port and Windows Vista or Windows XP Home or Professional (Service Pack 2) or later and iTunes 8. Existing iPod touch users can update to the latest 2.1 software for just $9.95 to add the new Genius feature. iPod touch owners who already have the 2.0 software get the 2.1 software update for free. Simply download the latest version of iTunes onto your Mac or PC, and purchase the 2.1 software update via iTunes.


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  2. @ Modbus

    Webster’s is the least accurate dictionary for English, and when they say “sometimes” that means “dumb variant term used in USA that has come into use only very recently.” ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  3. Yes, excellent keynote. Share price fell three percent. If Microsoft made this kind of a production – calling in journalists from every corner of the world – every time they tweaked a product you’d soon have a very pissed off media. The more I see of Apple the more it seems like some kind of perverse fascist organisation with Jobs as blackshirt in chief.

  4. So basically the announcements at up to a big yawn. Price points don’t seem to be anything special. $400 for an iPod Touch with a mere 32GB.

    Zealots, ignite your flames, but darned if there wasn’t more announced in the Zune stuff.

    iPods sure are purdy, but come on. Does this kind of minor update to products warrant press conferences and all the hoopla?

    Where’s my new MacBook Pro. And what’s this? The iPod touch gets the 2.1 software, but not the iPhone?

    Oh well. At least BattleStar Galactica is back for their final season.

  5. The thing is, Mondovino, if they fail to show up at the next event then they might miss Jobs pulling another revolution out of his pocket. That’s how he successfully milks this coverage time after time.

    They have no idea when he’ll whip out that MacBook Touch but when he does they’ll forget about the more lackluster announcements like today.

  6. @mondovino

    “Fascist” is harsh, but this is getting to be a bit weird, if not old.

    Jobs is starting to seem like Big Brother in the old 1984 video. He needs to cool it. Apple needs to relax on all the product policing and get back to their core competency, creating the “insanely cool.”

    It’s definitely time for a change. This crap is stale stale stale.

    Jobs and company are becoming distorted caricatures of their formal selves.

    If they wanted to be cool, they could just tell people to go to the website on Tuesday morning and check out the new products. Jobs could give the demo in one of those nice minimalist white background videos and be done with it. In fact, it shouldn’t be jobs anymore. The company needs to stop putting jobs out front for every stupid little update.

    I mean an entire press conference. OMG! Stop the World! There’s a new iPod out! Never mind the Cern collider and whether or not they accidentally create a singularity that drops through to the Earth’s core and starts swallowing the planet with geometrically increasing speed, which color nano are ya gonna get???

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