Why Apple should debut Apple TV 3.0 tomorrow (and what new features it should deliver)

“Does Steve Jobs have a surprise in store for the analysts and reporters gathering in San Francisco for ‘Let’s Rock’ — the dog-and-pony show Tuesday at which Apple is widely expected to unveil the next generation of iPods? Peter S. Magnusson hopes he does — and what he’s wishing for is a new Apple TV,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Fortune,

“The Swedish-born entrepreneur (and founder of Virtutech) points out in a thoughtful post that the upcoming holiday buying season is a perfect opportunity for Apple to overhaul the set-top box that even Jobs admits has been less than a runaway hit — and Tuesday would be a perfect opportunity to unveil the new device,” Elmer-DeWitt writes.

Elmer-DeWitt writes, “Apple TV [could] stage a fresh assault on the living room — especially if Apple throws in a few more goodies that Magnusson spelled out in a wish list posted on Sunday:”

• Blu-ray disc player; of course one that can also play DVDs and CDs
• ATSC tuner (ver-the-air digital TV)
• 500G hard drive (1T optional)
• WiFi
• DVR capability added to iTunes 8.0
• Time Capsule functionality, in other words, Time Machine backup
• Full Safari browser and support for (optional) keyboard
• Various new and improved options for Internet video
• Support for using the iPhone or the iPod touch as smart remotes

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “JES42” and “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]


  1. I don’t see Apple ever including a Tuner since they’re not going to make radically different versions for all the various different countries of the world. If anything they should allow you to plug in an elgato unit, or similar.

  2. Why would anyone need an over the air tuner in an AppleTV? Your TV likely already has one, or you have satellite or cable service and therefore don’t need a tuner.

    This request for Blu-Ray is really getting old. In order to add Blu-Ray, Apple would have to double the costs of AppleTV. And then Blu-Ray competes with AppleTV for movie rentals, so again, why would Apple want to add a competitor?

    Why do you need a 1TB drive for backup on your AppleTV? Just back up wirelessly to another Mac/Time Capsule.

    The Safari browser is the best request. However, making that work easily with the standard AppleTV remote won’t be easy. Many people won’t have an iPhone/iPod Touch to be their remote for AppleTV, so they would need something else.

    Realistically, I think AppleTV is still a bit ahead of practicality. HD movies are too large to be downloaded easily in most areas due to limits of bandwidth or high-speed limitations, and the movie studios are placing large restrictions on the movies. I think the general public and the available technology simply aren’t quite ready for AppleTV-like products and services yet.

  3. Historical perspective from Wikipedia:

    “Apple TV was first announced at a special press event in San Francisco, California on September 12, 2006, where Apple CEO Steve Jobs also announced enhanced fifth generation iPods, the addition of films to the iTunes Store and the release of version 7 of iTunes. The final product name was not announced at the event, but was instead referred to by its codename iTV.”

    Could history repeat itself two years later? (Albeit updated for 2008.)

  4. Sure, how about a Mac Mini that play BD/DVD/CD, plus has 4GB ram, a 1 TB HD, full 5.1 in/outs, 4 sets of RCA inputs/outputs, ATSC, HDMI, plain old coax, Gig ethernet, XT2900 video card, and only uses 1 watt of power when on? Sure they can do that!
    Totally unrealistic. Maybe a loaded regular Mac with Eye TV and some other software could handle it. But not all that in a MacTV/Mini.

  5. I think the Apple TV is perfect as it is, I can watch HD movies instantly. The only requests I have are studio based… more TV shows and HD TV shows. I’d like a cheaper price for seasons and have them expire (as HD content takes up space).

    The only other thing would be the ability to play DVDs on my computer and have them come up on Apple TV like Front Row.

    If I want to use the internet, I’d rather use my computer.

    DVD, Blueray, etc. will all be gone in a few years – digital is the way to go.

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