Cool free software for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch

“An iPhone having recently entered our lives, we thought to compile a list of such applications for it and an iPod touch,” Garry Barker writes for The Sydney Morning Herald.

“There are advantages to be had for very little outlay. These are just a few; the iTunes App Store has about 2500 more,” Barker writes.

Barker checks out:
• Speed and Speedbox
• Units
• Quitter and Smokers Log
• Fire Drop
• GPS Tracker
• 40.30.30.
• iWIk

Barker writes, “The range is huge and still growing. Just open up iTunes, go to the Store and click on the App Store button. You are almost bound to find something to amuse or to help you and you don’t get this stuff on other smartphones. Games abound and if you commute by train, as I do, a couple of these on your iPhone or iPod touch helps ease the crowded half-hour.”

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  1. Any day now, Avatron Software is going to be putting its new Air Sharing app on the store. I read about it at … This is a file-sharing app with a document viewer. The beauty thing is that it is going to be free for the first two weeks on the store.

    That’s going to be #1 on my Must Have list when it shows up on the store. I don’t want to miss the “introductory offer” and have to pay the normal price for it (even if it IS only seven bucks).

  2. @wefinish

    You could use Ecamm Network’s PhoneView ($19.95). It’s a desktop application that lets you do the following:

    Use your iPhone as a Disk
    Access, Edit and Create Notes
    Access Music and Movies
    View and Export Call History
    View and Export SMS
    View Synced Photos
    Download Camera Photos
    Access Contacts

    Drop your file onto your iPhone at home and then drop it onto the Mac at school and print. There’s a free demo on Ecamm Network’s website.

  3. @welfinish–

    How about File Vault? You can store your apps inside your phone, and then assuming you are able to put a client on the computer at school, you should be able to pull it off of your phone, and print.

    If you don’t have sufficient privileges to install the app, perhaps your teacher will do it for you.

  4. “I think you guys are missing the point here.”

    I think you’re right! But there’s an odd satisfaction in dishing out unsolicited advice!

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  5. And while we’re on peripherals for iPhone/iPod Touch, how about a keyboard, BT and USB, that’s foldable and allows me to put my iPod Touch right into it so I can type directly onto those devices. It’s the one and only thing Palm has over the iPhone/iTouch.

  6. No, Nick, not yet. The only Bluetooth driver Apple supplies is for the phone headset. And there’s no SDK for writing new drivers. Also no USB. Wi-fi is the only option, really. But there’s no Print Driver SDK either, so a developer would have to do a lot of work.

    Bummer, no? Hopefully those are coming soon.

  7. Mr Peabody, see my reply to Nick, above.

    Someday, but not yet.

    One folding USB keyboard manufacturer, MacAlly, even announced their product as Coming Soon, and then had to roll back those claims when they actually saw the iPhone SDK.

  8. While I’m on a posting roll, I just want to second iPhone Fanatic’s rave about Avatron’s Air Sharing app. I can’t wait!

    Maybe those guys will be the first to add printing. They’re apparently located in Vancouver WA, which is where Hewlett Packard’s printing group lives (well, where they outsource from anyway), so maybe at least a Print To HP feature.

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