Analyst: Apple finally catching up U.S. iPhone 3G supply to demand

“After more than six weeks of almost constant iPhone 3G shortages, Apple is finally known to be getting a grip on its retail supply and has virtually every model in stock everywhere,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

“Research by analyst Ben Reitzes of Lehman Brothers reveals that, as of Tuesday evening, all US Apple retail stores had 16GB iPhones in either color ready to sell for the following morning — a feat which Apple hasn’t managed since Lehman first began canvassing the stores just days after the July 11th launch,” Malley reports.

“Even the 8GB model, which for several of the reports was often in the shortest reply, showed 99 percent availability across the electronics giant’s retail network,” Malley reports.

Full article, in which dipping iPod supply levels are discussed as possibly portending updates, here.


  1. Wow, that’s funny, because according to all our knowledgeable local trolls, the iPhone 3G demand has been totally, completely disappointing and a complete failure! And, you know, they are always so much more accurate than actual real-world facts.

  2. ” . . . they came from a plant in China.”

    Yes, and it’s actually a giant bonsai populated with thousands of magic elves and pandas. It’s truly a magical place filled with tasty surprises and happy rainbows.

  3. You guys know nothing.

    I have been delivering iPhones in my Maserati 24/7 for weeks now.

    – and we dont make them in China – I make each and every one in my basement, you frigtards!

    Just buy the products and quit with the attempts to be clever – it aint working, OK?

    Well, maybe Nick Fury has few working brain cells, but the rest of you?

    esp. you, Sixvodkas. What are, you, like a British person or something? Ya wimp. – Fight back – hit that Nick Fury where it hurts.

    And I sweat blood to make great products for you bunch of waster-tards? Oy.

  4. Finally got my 16gb 3g iPhone – Unlocked !

    I think Apple can’t follow demand. Shortages all over the world.

    I’m still # 11000 on the list for one in Belgium. Found one in Paris after checking the 5 largest stores. 710 euros – unlocked
    I’ll have to thank my company for the write off !

    Apple fan from day one, but this phone set-up really sucks, just sell the dam phone

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