Apple releases iPhone, iPod touch 2.0.2 Software Update

Apple today released iPhone and iPod touch software version 2.0.2 which includes “bug fixes” and supersedes all previous versions.

The update is 248.7 MB (iPhone 3G) and 241.9 MB (1st-gen iPhone) and is available via iTunes’ update.


  1. I don’t have much drop calls in my area, but I do agree. All these 2 bit so called journalist bloggers to STFU. Your 15 min of fame and blog hits are coming to a halt.

  2. There ARE problems with some of the iPhones. If you have one of these buggy one’s, then you know. I know because I have one. It’s very frustrating. Hopefully the update will fix the issues.

  3. @X;

    I found another one, it’s called STFU idiot. The description reads “for those who paid a premium price for a phone and got sub-par performance, support, and mobile me empty promises. This software will not refund the lost hours of time trying to make a simple phone call, trying to send email, and false push promises.”

  4. I think what it does is simply paint more bars on the screen so all the whiners will think they have a better connection. With 5 bars all the time folks will just think there is too much traffic and not blame Apple. Genius.

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