Robosoft ports Feral’s ‘Battlestations Midway’ to Apple Macintosh

Robosoft today announced the release of its latest work in porting: the “Battlestations Midway” game for the Macintosh platform. The title reinforces Robosoft’s commitment to being a market leader in porting the best-selling AAA titles from PC/ Consoles to the Mac platform. Using a combination of OpenGL and great developer tools from Apple, the Robosoft engineering team has brought yet another popular game title to the Mac.

“Battlestations Midway” follows the story of naval recruit, Henry Walker, whose first assignment as a gunner at Pearl Harbor is the starting point of an incredible career at the heart of the US Pacific Fleet in 1942, in what was to become one of the most inspirational military campaigns in history.

“Our collaboration with Feral Interactive has been an extraordinary experience.” said Rohith Bhat, MD and CEO, Robosoft Technologies, in the press release. “‘Battlestations’ was one of the graphics intensive AAA titles handled by us with extensive use of vertex and fragment programs. Our experience with XCode, in-depth knowledge on both Windows and Mac technologies has enabled us to successfully map the advanced game features from Windows and optimize performance for the Mac”.

David Stephen, Managing Director of Feral Interactive said, “Working with Robosoft has been a pleasure and hugely beneficial for us. Their professionalism and flexibility has allowed us to work together successfully on complex projects even though we are separated by thousands of miles. ‘Battlestations Midway’ is the latest fruit of that collaboration and we look forward to working further with them to bring many more great titles to the Mac.”

Robosoft works with leading Macintosh game publishers to bring hit titles to the Mac. Robosoft has already ported critically acclaimed titles such as “The Movies” (winner of a prestigious BAFTA award), “Tomb Raider Anniversary,” “Fable: The Lost Chapters” and “LEGO Star Wars II” to the Mac. Robosoft is now looking at developing innovative casual games for the iPhone and Mac.

More info about “Battlestations Midway” here.


  1. This is not vaporware, I already have a copy for the Mac. It’s one of the best WWII games out on the market for the Mac. The planes, ships, subs, and just about everything in the game is very detailed and true to life. If there is one game I would recommend above all the rest it is this one. You can order it online through Feral Interactive website if you can’t find it in a store. It’s really a great game! Thanks to Feral and Robosoft for putting out such an amazing game for the Mac. I hope they’ll do more games like this one in the future soon.

  2. Just another game that won’t work on a MacBook. Of no interest. What is the issue with these game porters? I’d think enough MacBooks were around to create a viable market and any game that would run in a GMA environment would be even better in a dedicated graphics processor environment.

  3. This looks cool.

    Their system requirement check utility isn’t even up to date! It stops at the 2nd generation MacBook Pro. i wonder how mine will be able to keep up. I ain’t playing at 1024 x 768 that’s for sure.

    There’s a 650MB demo available, at least. Downloading now… will report!

  4. ZuneTang, I think you need to get legal some advice, as I do believe your comments are known as slander when your drawing a salary to post them…

    Such efforts to defend the tyrannical MS empire that, like the Catholic Church WAS (note emphasis please) in the middle ages, does nothing but destroy progress in it’s attempt to secure it’s creatively-bankrupt plutocracy…

    Sorry, but the renaissance is here and your not part of it..

    Your Paycheck – Our Plutocracy

  5. So, Since I am in Baghdad, Iraq and can’t carry around a Apple Desktop, I can’t play these games? Not even on a brand new Macbook intel!! Thats pretty lame. And I thought Apple “just worked”. Guess I’ll go spend ANOTHER 700 bucks on a PC laptop that I can play some games on.

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