PC Magazine: ‘Apple’s Crap Store’

“Ninety percent of everything is crap, science fiction author Ted Sturgeon once said. That’s certainly true of the crud passing for ‘software’ in Apple’s new App Store,” Sascha Segan reports for PC Magazine.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s even more true of the personal computer market.

Segan continues, “This makes me worry about software development in general. Mobile computing platforms are the future primary PCs for much of the world.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ironically, Segan is helping to provide definitive proof that Sturgeon’s saying also rings true for PC Magazine and tech articles in general.

“The App Store is beautiful, comprehensive (by fiat), and well designed. For the first time, you can actually get an overview of all the applications available for a computing platform and easily acquire them. It’s an idea that a lot of other people have had before, but Apple has done it with more polish and ease of use,” Segan writes. “But what do we get? …About 10 percent of the apps are great. Ninety percent smell like old Sturgeon.”

MacDailyNews Take: What is Segan complaining about? “Ninety percent of everything is crap” isn’t just a saying, it’s a truism. It’s that way in the software market in general (and the automotive, restaurant, apparel, music, film, etc. markets), so it logically follows that it’ll be that way in the App Store, too.

We imagine PC Mag staffers sitting around in their morning meeting:
Staffer One (Beavis): “Duh… ‘App’ rhymes with ‘Crap’ …uh, huhhh huhh huh…”
Sascha replies: “Beavis, you’re one pathetic piece of crap…”
Beavis: “Shut up, Butt-head!
Sascha: “But I think I can make it work!”
Beavis: “Uh, they should have a name for these kinds of articles.”
Sascha: “They already do, Beavis: ‘crap.'”

Segan continues, “Of course, it’s not as if Apple encourages app developers to think outside the box. IAmRich.com [sic: wrong name, wrong site; it’s “I Am RIch” and the minimal website, including screenshots, is here: audio-sandwich.com. Next time, Sascha, pause the virus scanning, fire up a browser and do at least one second of research] was a German avant-garde art project in the form of an iPhone app. It wasn’t malware. Apple yanked it from the App Store just because the company didn’t like its face. That’s a great message to send to developers: We might kill your app if we think you’re a little weird.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ah, a little pearl inside a rotting oyster. We’re 100% agreed. Apple blew it by pulling “I Am Rich” which did exactly what it promised buyers it would do.

More in the full article which seems to be little more than a bunch of words strung together in order to support a headline where PC Rag could do a little hit-whoring by rhyming “crap” with “app” — Think before You Click™here.

MacDailyNews Take: This article is not recommended. Sascha, you can do much better.


  1. The very same can be said of my local library. Or any supermarket. Or the NASDAQ. Or any political party.

    Actually, the world IS 94% crap; thank Gawd for the elite 6% who bring quality of thought and production to the fore.

  2. It’s true that 90% of the apps are crap. However, when sifting for gold one has to sift through a lot of sand to find the nuggets.

    MDN once again looks like an idiot with it’s childish comments every couple of sentences. Then again once in a while MDN has good comment so you have to sift through 90% of the crap MDN writes to get to the 10% of useful comments LOL

  3. behold the harvest of society….

    a generation of programers have been taught by microsoft that “innovative” means “a cheap knock off of someone else’s 4 year old bad idea.” they have also learned from the music industry that a single good song and 8 filler tracks are a good way to make money.

    …and thus we have the $9.99 flashlight app.

    look, all i am saying is, you reap what you sew. if you want to pick apples, don’t plant weeds.

  4. Hypocrite.

    “That’s certainly true of the crud passing for ‘software’ in Apple’s new App Store”

    “It wasn’t malware. Apple yanked it from the App Store just because the company didn’t like its face.”

    Too much crap. Apple pulls crap. Damned if you do . . .
    What a wanker.

  5. There is some truth to the headline. I mean, how many tip calculator options do we really need? The only killer app I’ve downloaded and used with regularity is the Apple Remote app.

    Beyond that, everything seems to be almost novelty based. Almost functional, but falls short of the mark. I can only hope Apple is working on additional killer apps, while the dev community is churning out tip calculators.

  6. Yeah, this is an odd article, clearly written in a way to state the obvious while getting the Fan boys upset and it seems to be working.

    As MDN indicated, 90% of all the software out there, especially in the PC world is crap.

    With just a bit of observation though, one might conclude that there is something special about the iPhone App store because developers were able to generate so much crap so fast! That is an indication of promise.

    There is always a ratio of crap to good stuff, so let’s just assume 10% is great software.

    That’s an awful lot of good stuff for a nascent platform in so short a period.

  7. Apple did the correct thing by pulling the I am Rich application.

    Only a say-anything-anytime-you-want hack journalist like MDN is want unbridled apps on the App store … they equate it with free speech.

    Wake up. The App Store is not a outlet for free speech. Apple wants to keep shit out of it like I am Rich apps. They don’t take a vote, they don’t check with their lawyer, they don’t give a shit about free speech. This is business … you dont like it, then carry your ass.

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