NBC online Olympic coverage excludes millions of Apple Mac users

NBC’s online coverage of The 2008 Summer Olympics from Beijing, China relies on Microsoft’s Silverlight 2.0b2 which is an Adobe Flash competitor (and a beta, no less!) that also happens to exclude millions of PowerPC-based Apple Mac users:


[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Paul” for the heads up.]

“Hey, let’s exclude a major portion of the Mac user base since they’re better educated and make more money than the Windows schlubs, to whom, of course, we’ll cater like the whores that we are — our advertisers will love it!”

Whoever’s making the technical (and business decisions) over at NBC is obviously an idiot.

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  1. It’s NBC, what do you expect? I mean at least there is Mac support..

    Considering Apple itself is not going to support PPC based Macs with it’s next major OS release, you can hardly blame Microsoft for not providing legacy PPC support..

  2. Hmm…. nbc.com is that way but nbcolympics.com works just fine on my mac. Been watching the US relay team f’up the Frenchy’s all day. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  3. There are minimum system requirements for Windows users as well. And trust me there many more millions of users who are on a pre XP SP2 OS than there are Mac users on PPC.

    Get over it already MDN.

  4. The Mac users that are better educated and make more money bought Intel Macs and are watching the Olympics if they feel like it.

    The Mac users without Intel Macs are cheap, lazy, welfare recipients, students, or bums who bought on craigslist the PowerPC macs the better educated, wealthier Mac owners got rid of when they got their Intel Macs.

    (Only slightly in jest…sorry folks, except for a few of the highest-end dual G5 PowerMacs the PowerPC-based Macintosh is a relic. I have my share–an iBook, a Powerbook G4, a G5 tower, a MDD G4, and what they make is good iTunes servers–the towers–and good carry along laptops when all I’m doing is word processing–the iBook and Powerbook.)

  5. I have been using Silverlight for MLB and now the Olympics. When it doesn’t drop/reset my Apple Express wi-fi connection, which is often, Silverlight actually looks pretty good.

    Of course, NBC and MSFT are bed buddies on that MSNBC cable channel thinggy, so would you expect any less?

    FWIW, the MSN team seems to run (and very badly at that) nbcolympics.com

    Pity the Win 95 and Win 98 users, too. heh.

  6. Hmm. Will have to try this when I get home. I know I’ve used Silverlight very successfully on my PowerPC-based Mac before. Is it the specific version that’s required that’s causing a problem?

    Just want to make sure this is not a case of Mac users jumping to the conclusion that we’re getting screwed over based on some weird technical detail of a small number of systems. I work at a Web site that we try to keep very Mac-friendly, and we periodically see livid e-mails from Mac users who encounter a problem and assume it’s because we’re cutting Macs out (tends to be ISP-related issues). So just want to make sure that’s not the case here.

    Also, I have seen some problems related to not Silverlight per se but a combination of Silverlight, PowerPC and OS X earlier than version 10.5. Could that be the specific issue here? I know MDN has, in the past, mentioned that sooner or later, we all have to catch up to the present, and updating to 10.5 is a relatively easy way to partially do that…

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