Apple releases iPhone, iPod touch 2.0.1 Software Update

Apple today released iPhone, iPod touch 2.0.1 Software Update via iTunes.

Choose your device, click the “Summary” tab and click the “Check for Update” button.

iPhone, iPod touch 2.0.1 Software Update includes “bug fixes” and supersedes all previous versions.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TowerTone” for the heads up.]


  1. Yesss !!
    I am downloading it for mi 3G

    I hope they adressed the huge delays i have when i try to return to the adress book (wich contains 1700 entries, but witch was working fine on 1.0 on iphone 1).

    I hope they will adress too :
    – Slow installation of apps (few secs for downloading, about 1 min or more to install)
    – Unexpected App crashes, that soletime require reboot
    – Slow access to adress book

    And an ideas for Apple i would LOVE to find in this release :
    – Dynamic 3G activation / stop when safari is launched / quited
    (3G seems to drain battery life in a big way to me, i desactivated it)

    Anyway, even with those small inconvenients, this phone seriously rocks.

  2. APPLE :
    Please add Dynamic 3G activation !
    It drains battery, so please make this option exist so i can leverage 3G when y really need it : on Safari, and when i am actively on mail ! (or using an app that require the web).

    In all other cases, 3G drains way too much my phone.

    Tha,k you AAPL !!!

  3. I disabled 3g, too. I can’t get through an entire day anymore on a battery charge. I turn it on if I need to use the web, but then turn it back off. The other thing that seems to drain the battery is that mail has a hard time connecting to outgoing mail servers and just keeps trying and trying, draining the battery more and more.

  4. OMG Plouf1er, did you actually use “leverage” in a causal sentence? Please stay as far as possible from your company’s marketing department for at least the next month, then you should be speaking/posting normally again. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  5. If they can’t manage dynamic 3G right now, the least Apple could do would be to make an option that automatically disables 3G when you’re connected to wi-fi networks. I’m usually connected to wi-fi during the day, and I don’t really care if my calls sound “2G” instead of 3G, but I do like to have 3G on when I’m out so I can pull things up faster–and of course I forget to turn it on when I do need it!

    Something simple like “if on wi-fi- network, then disable 3G” is so rudimentary even I could program it….. Come on, Apple, make that an option for us, please?!

  6. Okay, class, listen up: when a software update is released that is a right-dot release, as in the case of today’s release by Apple of iPhone and iPod Touch 2.0.1 software update, the number indicates that this is a bug fix, NOT a feature enhancement. The .0.1 is the clue here.

    And to those of you who are yelling for feature requests and enhancements for the iPhone here, with all due respect to the editors of this site, it won’t do any good here. You have to take your requests directly to Apple.

    There will be a quiz.

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