Top 10 Apple iPhone 3G tips and tricks

“As the cliché goes, with great power comes great responsibility. Round 2 of the iPhone revolution brought fans a 3G-capable model with a built-in GPS radio—not to mention plenty of software enhancements that work on both the new model and the original version,” Jamie Lendino reports for PC Magazine.

“Of course, that means there’s more to learn. But that’s where we come in. We assume you already know how to make calls, surf the Web, synchronize your music and photos, and generally have a good time—but you want to learn some real shortcuts,” Lendino reports. “If that’s the case, here’s a list of our top tips and tricks for iPhone 2.0, geared toward more advanced users.”

PC Magazines’ Top 10 Apple iPhone 3G tips and tricks include:
1. Force-quit an application
2. Make reservations the easy way
3. Double-down with scrolling
4. Maximize battery life, part 1
5. Maximize battery life, part 2
6. Grab a screenshot
7. Get a bigger keyboard in Safari
8. Keep Safari’s address bar handy
9. Enter punctuation quickly
10. Ride the dot-com wave

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  1. As usual, NONE of these are iPhone 3G specific. They all apply to any iPhone running the current 2.0 firmware.

    Another terrible naming decision by Apple which is leading to confusion and misinformation. See “Macbook” vs “Macbook Pro.”

    Hey MDN – how about a note on this?

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