Apple: MobileMe Mail, contact and calendar sync now working for all users

Apple’s “David G.” is back online over at with another MobileMe update:

We have completed restoring Mail service, including historical messages, to all of the 1% of affected members. Thank you all for your extreme patience during this trying time. If you have been affected by this issue and are still having problems we have established a dedicated chat line to reach a MobileMe Mail specialist for help. Please use this dedicated chat line for Mail issues only. By completing this restoration of Mail services, we hope we have put the vast majority of MobileMe Mail problems behind us and can now focus on improving other aspects of this new ambitious service.

Yesterday (Monday) morning a syncing bug was discovered which caused contact and calendar data to not sync properly over-the-air with iPhones and iPod touch. For some users this caused their contact and calendar data to disappear from their devices, but not from their computers or the MobileMe cloud. When we fixed the bug in the late afternoon, the problem resolved itself for most users: their data simply reappeared on their iPhone or iPod Touch. If you are one of those affected users and your data has not automatically reappeared, follow the steps at this link to restore your data.

Next post later this week.

David G.

Apple’s MobileMe Status page:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dizzy D.” for the heads up.]


  1. i am so lost, between the outage and the complaints and the “some times push others not” that i don’t even know what mobile me is supposed to do…..

    for all i know it should be cleaning my house, but it isn’t!

    damn you Apple, clean my house!

  2. Well, it still will not sync iCal to my iPhone. This morning it wiped out all my contacts on my iPhone. Mail on the iPhone does not even show an email has arrived via MobileMe until I manually check it (and, yes Push is selected).

  3. “Now let’s hear from the .0001% who are STILL having problems.”

    That would be me. It sync’s contacts on the iPhone in my contacts application, but not in the phone contacts application. It doesn’t sync the calendar, and I can’t send or receive email from the iphone unless I turn push off and sync with the computer manually.

    Also, the chat program at is still unavailable. I’ve been trying to get back in touch with support for two days.

    So no, mobile me is not now working for “all” users.

  4. Huh, not for this user — mail’s still out.

    And Apple’s unhelpful chatperson D*** simply said I was not on the list of affected users and gave me a useless link.

    Very helpful not, and a BIG black mark for Apple and D***, whoever that person is.

  5. Absolutely freaking hilarious!

    I just clicked on the link MDN provided above to talk to someone at the “dedicated chat line”…. was connected to “Skip” for about 20 seconds and then up pops a message saying “session terminated”

    2nd time this has happened in the past 4 days.

    Customer support seems to be unavailable or overloaded.

  6. Is it safe to come out now?

    I’ve been hiding in .Mac land in OSX 10.5.2 syncing my iPhone manually until all this blew over.

    Chaps, I think we got used to Apple getting it right so much that it’s a genuine shock when they don’t.

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