‘Zune Tattoo Guy’ dumps Zune for Apple iPod touch

“Steven Smith, aka, the Zune Tattoo Guy or Mszunefan has abruptly ended his man-love obsession with all things Zune, willfully defecting to the tender Touch of Apple’s iPod after realizing Zune sucks. Smith was no casual Zune zombie, he was the most recognized Zune fanatic in the product’s history along with being a regular Zune Scene forum contributor and a three time tattooed fan boy. In his forum summary he appropriately listed his position as ‘Emperor Zune.’ At one point he investigated changing his legal name to ‘Microsoft Zune’ before waking up to his own unique version of coyote ugly. For Steven Smith, the Zune honeymoon is over,” iPhone Savior reports.

“I spoke to Smith by phone as he waxed on about the failings of Zune, his disappointment in the progress of the product line and his new iPod Touch. ‘The thing that pisses me off is that Microsoft is not advancing the Zune software, it’s obviously the bastard child in Microsoft’s product line,’ said Smith,” iPhone Savior reports.

“Smith gushed over the feel of his new 16GB iPod Touch which he purchased after owning an 80GB iPod Classic for less than 72 hours.’It’s super thin and does some really neat stuff like tilting to go into cover flow,’ Smith said. ‘I also like watching movies on it. I can go anywhere to get iPod accessories, that’s not the case with Zune stuff in Iowa,'” iPhone Savior reports.

Full article here.

Zune Tattoo Guy on why he dumped Zune (Caution: expletives abound):

Direct link to video here.

Whoops, sorry. Zune Tattoo Guy on why he dumped Zune (Caution: expletives abound):

Direct link to video here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too numerous to mention for the heads up.]

This fat poor bastard’s 15 seconds of fame were 15 seconds too many.

A worse iPod endorser we cannot be bothered to imagine.


  1. Hey, I know this guy wont get any sympathy from this crowd but… well, just look at the situation:

    He’s overweight.
    He’s unattractive.
    He’s none too bright.
    He’s stuck with the logo of an unpopular, unsuccessful product as a permanent tattoo which will be the source of jokes for years to come.
    and… he lives in Iowa.

    Any one thing could be overlooked but all of them? Pity the poor bastid.

  2. @ Angelus520

    I don’t think they were directing ill feelings towards you personally or the state of Iowa, I think they were merely pointing out that this particular in-bred that obviously snacks on lead paint chips while watching Ernest Goes to Camp at the local drive in with his sister as his date….is just from Iowa. that’s all.

  3. @ R2,
    “And stop breaking Iowa’s balls. After becoming the place that launched Barack Obama’s candidacy, Iowa is cool now.”

    I think Clark Griswold said it best “nothing to be proud of Russ.”

    With that said… I find it sad that the best we have to choose from is McCain and Obama. I am still writing in Ron Paul… can’t bring myself to vote for Mr. more taxes or Mr. more war.

    Just my 2¢…. flame on!

    The Dude abides.

  4. @artist “or Manhattan, or anywhere for that matter.”

    I suspect that you might find almost as much Zune stuff in electronics shops in Redmond Washington, as you do iPod stuff. It’d be less expensive as well (as marked by the clearance signs). If you sweet talk them they might even throw in an XBox 360 HDDVD drive for free.

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