Apple Store, Liverpool One grand opening photos

Apple Store, Liverpool One celebrated their Grand Opening on Saturday, July 26th.

Apple Store, Liverpool One
Unit 95, Paradise Street (West)
Liverpool One Shopping Centre
Liverpool, L1 8JF
0151 472 2600

MacDailyNews reader Elliot Norton has posted a photo gallery of the grand opening here.

Find more info about Apple Store, Liverpool One, including directions, schedule of workshops and events, and much more here.


  1. I was there! 3 of my kiddas work there, so I’ll be getting free tech help for life!

    Seriously, it’s a cool shop, very classy, lots of glass, lots of people, lots of fun!

    And like everything in Liverpool, it’s much better than the Manchester one!

    LFC forever!!!!!

  2. And like always, the Liverpudlians are queueing up in a proper line like Brits do. I know, I used to line up every day for our rations in WW11.

    Anywhere North of Oxford is the ‘Black North’.

  3. @ Billy Ash,

    Yeh, but we’ve got 2 cathedrals!!!!!!

    I suppose your 2 Apple Stores can be considered cathedrals for some people… you’re not gonna beat Paddy’s Wigwam for style though!

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  4. i went to apple store in liverpool one yesterday 30th may 2010. what an amazing shop. i only went for an icases slider case for my iphone but the staff there are so lovely and cant do enough for you. i hadf a play on the new ipad and my son had a game one one of the macs. really enjoyed myself and will definately be back. ten out of ten apple!!!!!

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