Apple’s App Store makes me want to cry

By SteveJack

I’ve been a good little boy. No “jailbreaking” for me (much).

So, the launch of Apple’s App Store today was a revelation and a major gift, to say the least. Seriously, I’m this close to crying tears of joy. There are just so many apps that are really useful for free or very little cost!

My iPhone already shamed any other “smartphone” out there; now it makes them want to just shrivel up and die. Which they will soon enough. Some of them are already deep into “hurry up and die” mode.

So far – and this will be a different list for everybody, that’s the best part – I’ve downloaded and played around with the following on my first-generation iPhone which I will be using for the next 16 hours until I get my iPhone 3G (apps are free unless otherwise noted):

• At Bat (cost me US$4.99 and worth every damn penny!)
• AOL Radio
• Pandora
Super Monkey Ball ($9.99, had to do it)
Mobile News Network – Associated Press
• NewNewsWire
Enigmo ($9.99)
Jott for iPhone
iBeer ($2.99, don’t you judge me)
• SportsTap
YellowPages Mobile

Aww, forget it. The list goes on. I gotta go, there’s just too much to see and download and test!!!

Oh, yeah: Tetris for $14.99? EA, you’re killing me. I’m going to hold off on that one for as long as possible…

Tell me about your favorite iPhone/iPod touch apps below!

SteveJack is a long-time Macintosh user, web designer, multimedia producer and a regular contributor to the MacDailyNews Opinion section.


  1. I spent $50 bucks on apps today already, but even with so many great apps available, one big disappointment for me was the lack of a great Financial Management app. Would’ve paid up to $20 for something similar to Money or Quicken that I can track account balances and expenses with. The ones currently up just cover budgets or certain expenses, but are not a complete banking tool. Soon, I hope!

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