Apple’s iPhone 2.0 App Store delivers (How Apple’s Remote for iPhone works for iTunes and Apple TV)

“This day has been promised by Steve Jobs for over 6 months, and the global release of the iPhone 3G ensured that the new firmware and App Store would be available to US consumers one day early. A direct link to the iPhone 2.0 software, not yet officially available, has enabled early adopters to test out the newly opened platform and the third-party applications it brings with it,” Mykel Nahorniak reports for BetaNews.

“After a quick download and painless upgrade process, I downloaded a few free apps. iPhone applications are synced just like any music or videos being transferred to the device.
One annoyance is the App Store continues to list apps that are already installed as if they haven’t been downloaded, making it difficult to discover more obscure apps.This is unlikely to change, however, as the iTunes Store has behaved this way with music and movies since its inception,” Nahorniak reports. “Of course, the current top 25 apps listed are all games. Who didn’t see that coming?”

“The best iPhone app I’ve seen so far is Apple Remote (by Apple). It connects to your iTunes-enabled computer, or Apple TV, and allows you to manipulate its controls wirelessly. The application even downloads the album art from the host machine and displays it on the iPhone’s screen. Button presses instantaneously affect the host with no lag. Very impressive to say the least,” Nahorniak reports.

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MacDailyNews Note: Apple’s Remote works very well indeed. iPhone users are prompted to “Choose a Library” and given a four-digit passcode. Then to control iTunes, simply open iTunes, select your remote from the devices list and enter the passcode. Boom! It just works. To control Apple TV, add another library on your iPhone, get another four-digit passcode, go to your Apple TV and choose “Remotes” from the “General” menu in “Settings” and enter the passcode. Again, Boom! It just works. Of note: Remote simply presents and lets you control what’s currently on your Apple TV. You can search via iPhone’s keyboard. These are the categories currently available: Audiobooks, Composers, Genres, Movies, Music Videos, Podcasts, Songs, TV Shows. With this version, you’ll still need the little white remote to control the Apple TV functions like YouTube, searching for and buying/renting content from iTunes Store, etc.


  1. @Macintosh: I have it and yes it does allow you to use your iphone to search your AppleTV’s music, movie and tv show libraries. It doesn’t see any of my podcasts for some reason though.

  2. BOOM! is right. It is amazing how quick it is. How very cool. As I played with it this morning, I couldn’t help but think about the A-Team: “I love it when a plan comes together.”

    You know, this is a big day. The beginning of a truly converged technology experience. In a way, this day may mark the end of the Dark Ages of Computing.

    The WOW begins now.

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