Apple iPhone 3G launch in Norway – total chaos! (with video) was streaming live from the launch of iPhone in Norway. Netcom (the network provider) threw a launch party where 400-500 guests were invited. In this party they gave away 200 “skip the line” tickets. They dropped 200 ballons on the crowd and each ballon represented one guaranteed iPhone. The result was total chaos which you’ll see in this video from the event:

Check out still photos of the event



  1. “The result was total chaos”???
    What was chaos about it? Just looked kind of organized, no pushing, shoving, crawling over each other. Chaos… no, fun, yes. Who writes these headlines???

    And who shoots such bad footage???

  2. Norway, 3rd world? No. It’s Old World. (Europe/Africa/Asia).
    Columbus and later explorers discovered the New World.
    And the post-colonial nations represent the Third World.

    Thus endeth the lesson.

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