Russian carriers vie to bring Apple’s iPhone to Russia

“Will VimpelCom be the first wireless operator to sell the iPhone in Russia? If Chief Executive Alexander Izosimov has his way, it will. ‘Nobody’s struck a deal with Apple yet, but we would love to,’ he says. Izosimov says no negotiations are taking place, and he has no idea whether his company will win the rights to sell Apple’s coveted device. But in a wide-ranging interview with BusinessWeek, the CEO makes it clear that he’s looking at many avenues to maintain the rapid growth his company has seen in recent years, from adding new devices like the iPhone to expanding into the broadband business,” Jay Yarow reports for BusinessWeek.

“VimpelCom, which operates under the Beeline brand, is Russia’s second-largest wireless provider, with 52 million subscribers,” Yarrow reports.

“VimpelCom wants to join with Apple to tap into the expected strong demand from consumers for the device. But its two major rivals, Mobile TeleSystems and MegaFon, are interested in the iPhone, too. ‘Obviously we would love to [sell the Apple phone this year],’ says a spokesman for Mobile TeleSystems,” Yarrow reports.

More in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. And to quote John Cleese in ‘Fish Called Wanda’:

    Есть сила благодатная
    В созвучье слов живых,

    В минуту жизни трудную
    Теснится ль в сердце грусть:
    Одну молитву чудную
    Твержу я наизусть.

    С души как бремя скатится,
    Сомненье далеко —
    И верится, и плачется,
    И так легко, легко…

    (by Mikhail Yerievich Lermontov)

    I just felt it would be a shame to put it in English, when it sounds so poetic in original Russian (as delivered by Archie Leach…)

  2. Here’s the translation:

    There is strength fertile
    In tune with the words of living,

    In a moment of life difficult
    Close zero in the heart of sadness:
    One prayer chudnuyu
    I harder by heart.

    Since the soul as a burden rays,
    Doubts far —
    And believe, and cries,
    And so easy, easy ..

  3. I can’t wait to see how many people get murdered in Moscow over who gets the iPhone business…that’s how things get done over there…


    Christ. What year is this? Slagging off the Russians? Wake up, pal, the US is worried about getting taken over by China now, not Russia.

  4. Russia is fun… I’m absolutely sure they’re excited about the possibility of tracking people via their GPS iPhones…
    P.s. – not to say US is any different – both regimes are very aggressive human rights offenders.

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