Can Apple CEO Steve Jobs sell big business on the iPhone?

Penryn-based MacBook Pro now with Multitouch“Steve Jobs has won over legions of new customers since he returned to Apple, but one key group has stubbornly eluded him: big business,” Jon Fortt and Michal Lev-Ram write for Fortune.

“The reason isn’t a mystery. Apple’s mercurial CEO decided a decade ago that corporate IT departments weren’t worth the trouble. Though they buy tech gear by the truckload, when it comes to computers they often favor stripped-down, predictable technology – the stuff Jobs finds boring. Rather than chase that business, he has courted upscale consumers with innovative devices like the iMac and iPod that are as fashionable as they are functional. It’s hard to argue with the results: Apple stock is up nearly 2,000 percent in the last 10 years,” Fortt and Lev-Ram write.

“But now as Jobs seeks to turbocharge sales of the 3G iPhone, he’ll have no choice but to embrace the corporate stiffs,” Fortt and Lev-Ram write. “That’s because while Apple’s computer and iPod sales are healthy, analysts believe the popular smartphone has the most growth potential – and business buyers could be the key to its success.”

Fortt and Lev-Ram ask, “Can Apple do it?”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Carl H” for the heads up.]


  1. I received an email today from my company’s IT department that stated that, as of July 11, iPhones would be fully supported. This is a respectable company ($1B+ in annual revenue) and fairly well known.

  2. At my company (Telecom, NASDAQ traded) we have a hardcore CSO that controls everything. His position is that with Active Sync including security policy enforcement and remote wipe is that there is no reason to say no to the iPhone. He gets to keep his Exchange environment and we get our iPhones. July 11th cannot come fast enough.

  3. Over time, all the young kids that got their first Apple product by way of the iPod will grow up and become the IT nerds and gurus of these companies, and the idiotic discrimination against Apple products will slowly wilt away.

  4. I am getting so sick to death of the Crackberry that I have to use at work that it would be a dream come true if we switched to the iPhone, but to be perfectly frank, I’ll see it when I believe it.

  5. “”The reason isn’t a mystery. Apple’s mercurial CEO decided a decade ago that corporate IT departments weren’t worth the trouble.”

    Case in point: Windows Vista and its 11 versions.

    I absolutely reject the premise of this retarded article: Apple doesn’t want to be a Business OS. They just want a little Exchange functionality so that Corporate users can get their email on the fly.

  6. Steve Jobs doesn’t have to sell big business on the iPhone. Big business has to cope with the iPhone.

    Even the system administrator at my Microsoft Gold partner is poised to buy an iPhone as soon as they are available in July.

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