Report: 92-percent of developers ignoring Windows Vista

“A recent report from Evans Data shows fewer than one in 10 software developers writing applications for Windows Vista this year. Eight percent. This is perhaps made even worse by the corresponding data that shows 49 percent of developers writing applications for Windows XP,” Matt Asay reports for CNET.

“Such appreciation for history is not likely to warm the cockles of Microsoft’s heart, especially when Linux is getting lots of love from developers (13 percent writing apps for it this year and 15.5 percent in 2009),” Asay reports.

“The Mac? I don’t have any equivalent data via Evans Data. But the Mac OS has rocketed by 380 percent as a targeted development platform, Evans Data told Computerworld,” Asay reports.

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  1. so, 8% are writing apps for Vista, 49% for XP, 15-20% for Linux, and 380% for Mac OS X? What is up with these numbers? How about iPhone?

    My guess is that the iPhone is up 10000000000000000000000%

  2. The other 43%? Aside from Mac, Unix and Linux?

    Try Windows 2000/NT. Much more stable than XP. Used in mission critical industrial situations world wide.

    What a sad commentary on Microsoft’s Me/XP/Vista development.

  3. Aren’t you MAC lemmings lucky. All of those former Windows developers now making their super-great software for MAC. The great thing about Windows is it has so much more software being developed for it, and more is always better. It’s true.

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