O2: UK interest rockets for Apple’s lower-priced iPhone 3G; over 130,000 pre-register in 1st week

“Consumer interest in the 3G iPhone is almost four times more than interest in its 2G predecessor, according to O2, Apple’s exclusive UK network partner for the device,” Dominic White reports for The Telegraph.

“More than 130,000 people have pre-registered their interest in the combined handset, digital music player and web browser on O2’s website since the phone was unveiled a week ago,” White reports.

“Only 35,000 people pre-registered their interest in the previous phone between its unveiling on September 18 last year and November 9, when it went on sale in the UK,” White reports.

Full article, in which White points out that the iPhone’s sticker price appears to have been a major concern in the UK, here.


  1. I’m not surprised, although I am still confused as to whether or not my girlfriend can use my old Phone on her ordinary O2 contract. The guy in the Glasgow Buchanan St O2 store suggested I jailbreak it.

    Scary biscuits.

  2. The iPhone 1.0 was too expensive.

    iPhone 2.0 costs more over the life of the contract but it is perceived to cost less.

    We now know how many stupid people you can get to sign up in one week in Great Britain.

    I bet there are many more stupid people buying phones in America.

  3. I consider myself a die-hard Mac fan, but even I wasn’t much tempted with the first iPhone. The software seemed a little limited, and non-3G was a downer, considering it would be used for web / email extensively. And of course the price was too high.

    The camera is still a bit naff, but everything else in iPhone 3G is now more than enough to compensate for that. At some point you just gotta jump in, and this is my time! I pre-registered my interest the day after the iPhone 3G was launched, wonder where I’ll be in the queue?..

  4. I’m not saying either phone is/was not worth the price of admission.

    I’m just saying those that ignored the ‘expensive’ iPhone 1.0 but jump at the ‘cheaper’ iPhone 2.0 are stupid.

  5. “The oonytoon/wacko/murderer/flake/pervert concentration is the sam in the US as everywhere else. We just give them better media coverage.”

    in america the nutjobs own their OWN media.

    and behold their was faux news…..

  6. When people are discussing is the iPhone cheaper, they are usually making the wrong comparison.

    The wrong comparison is comparing the 2.5G iPhone to the 3G iPhone. The right comparison is taking the price differential of 2.5G iPhones to other 2.5G cellphones, then comparing that to the price differential of the 3G iPhone to other 3G cells.

    If you do that, you’ll see that the 3G iPhone is closer in pricing to other 3G cellphones than was the 2.5G iPhone. That’s the “cheaper” part.

  7. podboy – the way I read it her current contract would have to go i.e. I couldn’t just put her sim in the old iPhone. I wonder if that’s fair as it’s my phone and I hope I can do anything I want with it.

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