Apple Store Sydney 3D virtual panoramas

“Aaron Spence is the CEO and chief photographer of Panedia — a company that specialises in making high quality interactive 3D panoramas for tourism purposes, among many other uses,” Dan Warne reports for APC Magazine.

Warne reports, “He happened to be walking past the new Sydney Apple store today (with his panorama rig slung over the shoulder) when they started pulling down the big curtains from the Apple store windows quite unexpectedly — two days before the official opening of the store. ‘I grabbed some quick shots … was questioned by a few people … then came back later once they’d finished the unveiling,’ Aaron said.”

Three panoramas are online:
• Directly outside the store
• Across the road
• Same angle across the road with the building under construction last year August 30, 2007.

Full article with links to the panoramas, here.


  1. “Bus Lane camera ahead” … the big smoke is so full of driving restrictions that I wonder how country folk could navigate the pitfalls without getting sick – and that’s without spinning.

    Are the glass stairs a magnet for minis?

  2. @Ampar PMSL

    You’re sort of correct. When you create a spherical panorama you get a big fat hole in the ground where your tripod sat called the “Nadir”. You can either patch this hole in photoshop using a still shot you either hand held or positioned with a horizontal tripod arm or you can drop a mirror cap in there. Mirror caps are placed on the flat panorama using a photoshop action.

    It’s a lot easier than filling in the hole properly with an image.

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