Forget about .Mac, it’s all about Me (MobileMe)

“When Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs took the stage on Monday at Apple Inc.’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the focus of attention was on the new iPhone 3G and iPhone 2.0 — the coming firmware update for all iPhones that will bring with it a slew of new applications,” Michael DeAgonia writes for Computerworld.

“But one of the most important announcements concerned Apple’s new suite of online services, called MobileMe. Think of it as a revamped .Mac with an eye on tying the iPhone to what has until now been largely a syncing/storage/Web-based tool. Oh, and say goodbye to .Mac, which will disappear next month, replaced basically by ‘.me.’ Old .Mac e-mail accounts and Web pages will still work fine. But the emphasis will be on ‘Me.’ In fact. .Mac e-mail addresses can be converted to .me addresses once .Mac users are upgraded to MobileMe,” DeAgonia writes.

“What’s new now, and what’s important, is the emphasis on the push technology unveiled in the upcoming iPhone 2.0 software update. On the business front, that software adds direct integration for Microsoft’s ActiveSync technology out of the box. This eliminates the added server, software and licensing costs inherent to the BlackBerry and simplifies the job of IT support. By licensing Microsoft’s ActiveSync technology, Apple is making the iPhone a real alternative to the popular BlackBerry, which offers similar ‘push’ functionality. For those without access to an Exchange server and Active Sync, MobileMe offers a solution,” DeAgonia writes.

“Put simply: Exchange enables push technology for business users; MobileMe means push technology for the rest of us,” DeAgonia writes.

“It’s also a replacement for Apple’s current .Mac Web services, which currently include online storage, e-mail addresses, contact and calendar syncing across multiple computers, Back to my Mac and photo sharing. While the majority of functions in MobileMe are similar to those in .Mac, one of the big differences is that Apple is making MobileMe accessible to iPhones and iPod touches — and it has made the service entirely cross-platform. Once MobileMe rolls out, Windows users will be able to sign up for Apple’s previously Mac-only Web services,” DeAgonia writes.

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How many glasses of ice water is Jobs gonna give those suminabitches?


  1. The “new” .Me should cover the loss of revenue from the monthly pay-out AT&T used to pay. The iPhone linkage is one of the major new features – one I won’t be taking advantage of – in the .Mac package.
    Down $6 (~3%) a share is “not good”, but nothing compared to the nearly 20% the rest of my portfolio suffered. Jobs looks sick, and if he’s as sick as he looks then we need to get a search committee looking for a replacement. NOT a bean-counter, but a another dreamer.

  2. @ Cheap and Stupid like R2

    Everythings always “only a few dollars more a month”. That sort of rationale is exactly why this country is in so much debt.

    The debate is whether the MobileMe services are WORTH “only $8.25 per month”. The features ARE more compelling than .Mac, but I’m still not convinced. Push email can be had for free elsewhere, the contact and calendar syncing is cool, but I use my iPhone 95% of the time for this. Do I really need to spend 8.25 a month for the other 5%? Uploading of photo’s can be done by emails to any range of photo/blog sites already. Online storage is not tied to the iPhone. It’s also not a very exciting feature and can be had elsewhere. I’m not knocking MobileMe, it is a slick all in one package…. but for the price I don’t think it’s worth it and I’d wager that many others will not as well.

  3. Guys, the price is GREAT when you consider the $149 “Family Pack”! The price-per-computer goes down in a hurry on that deal. If you can share between computers just ONE “address book collection” or just ONE “calendar”, and turn off syncing email on a computer-by-computer basis, this would ROCK!!!

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