Apple releases iMovie 7.1.2, iDVD 7.0.2

Apple today released iMovie 7.1.2 and iDVD 7.0.2.

Bothe updates support general compatibility issues, improves overall stability, and address a number of other minor issues.

iMovie 7.1.2 and iDVD 7.0.2 are available via Software Update and also as standalone installers.

More info and download links:
iDVD 7.0.2 – 20.27MB
• iMovie 7.1.2 – 17.9MB


  1. After Apple totally ruined iMovie I wonder what they’ll try to screw up next. Maybe they’ll have a go at iTunes.

    “iTunes works too well and most people like it just the way it is. But lets totally change, it dumb it down, remove half the features and create a better version that they have to pay for. Brilliant!! Lets call it iTunes Express. I can’t believe we were just giving this shit away!”

  2. Little tip for MDN Readers:

    If the pop up windows on this site drive you crazy – use Safari. Firefox can’t stop the popups but Safari does.

    Sorry MDN. I know you gotta make a living but, I often open up 7 tabs at once at the end of the day to read Apple news and your site is the only one that still features popup windows. The rest of the blogs are still in business so …

    But thanks for all your hard work. You and Tuaw feature the most updated content.

  3. MobileMe (The name) is so stupid – Has nothing to do with this post, I just had to say it. Sounds childish. And the ME logo reminds me of Windows ME. And this “cloud” idea – What? I mean, after developing all of these revolutionary products, is that the best Apple could come up with!?!? Why not MobileMac or iMobile or something that sounds a little older than a 10 year old???

  4. You’re right…Final Cut Express HD IS a cut down version of Final Cut Pro HD, but it is very powerful and very cool. Many of the effects in FCE are presets (but generally good ones), wheareas the effects in FCP are completely variable. I have both & use FCE for low budget or fast turn-around and FCP for projects with more “depth” (read that as budget).

    Anyway, FCE is definitely a handy and powerful tool for those times when you don’t need a sledgehammer to drive a nail.

    Hope this helps.


  5. I’m with you J… I was slack jawed when they came out with that bogus MobileME graphic & name. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen Apple so grotesquely off the mark. Scared me good… and it DOES make one think of the Microsoft ME failure trail.

    TO stay on topic… to me iMovie is a serious waste of time. Either do simple slide shows in iPhoto or spring for Final Cut Express HD and do video production that won’t embarass you later.


  6. iMovie 7 is great for throwing all the old VHS and 8mm videos to Youtube or MyGallery. It has the right tools like, color correction, cropping, background music, easy mixing and matching videos etc.( I wish there was a stabilazer too). iMovie HD still has the right tools (and you can buy more) but is a lot slower to use and can’t handle multiple sound tracks (original, background music, narration(s), sound effects) unless you team up with Garageband. FinalCut Studio is THE tool (after reading the 1000+ page manual), just awesome piece of software. So take your pick.

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