Apple’s WWDC banners show OS X without the ‘Mac’

“No run-up to Macworld Expo or WWDC is complete without the spy shots of the banners inside San Francisco’s Moscone Center, and this time is no different,” Nick Mediati writes for The Apple Blog.

“Now making the rounds is a Flickr photoset of banners hung outside the keynote hall posted by Gernot Poetsch. One in particular is especially interesting. It shows two banners: one referring to the iPhone’s OS as ‘OS X iPhone’ and another referring to Mac OS X 10.5 as simply ‘OS X Leopard.’ No mention of ‘Mac’ anywhere,” Mediati writes. “This would mark the first time, well, ever, that Apple has referred to the Mac’s operating system without including ‘Mac’ or ‘Macintosh’ in its name.”

Mediati asks, “Has anyone noticed that Apple has been remarkably silent in regards to the Psystar Open Computer?”

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  1. It is THE platform for many hardware possibilities in the future.

    It makes sense to refer to it as simply OS X and not tie it only to the desktop/notebook as we know it today.

    Clones again? I don’t think so. Vertical integration is still the best way to make a product from head to toe.

  2. Hrm, I think it’s more likely they’re introducing some sort of tablet or “in between” type of computer than that they will allow 3rd party vendors (esp. one like Pystar!) to use their OS.

    Just my 2 cents.

  3. Wow, so maybe the Clone Wars will begin again? Ugh, not looking forward to that. OSX and Macs works so well together because they are designed with specific hardware constraints and not just whatever spare parts some noodle-headed tech geek has lying around his parent’s basement.

  4. interesting the colors they have chosen. purple on one side and blue on the other, like two things are converging. is this a mixing of two things? purple of os x leopard and blue of windows? also, what about that invite card from long ago where they had the two golden gate bridges coming together into one. wasn’t that for wwdc 08? hmmm.

  5. This makes sense. Sort of.

    The change from PowerBook to MacBook and the decision to use Mac in it’s product names, really focuses on Macs as Macs. MB, MBP, MBA, Mac Pro.

    Separating out “OS X” as a distinct brand in this way is interesting. Seems like it’s in flux (with recent references to “Cocoa Touch”).

    But making “OS X” the major brand of their superior software seems right to me.

    Yeah, a little weird to have OS X iPhone, which is basically, but not exactly, has the iPhone software.

    Anyway, I think the point is enforcing the the “OS X” brand, emphasize the Mac as a physical product, and focusing on the iPhone, as opposed to the iPod Touch, which will ultimately be seen as a stop-gap measure.

  6. No clone wars. No going straight to Dell. The end is not near. It’s simply this:

    OS X is no longer exclusive to the Desktop / Laptop platform. It runs on several different devices now (iPhone, iPod touch, new iPhone, Apple TV … and whatever else might get announced at the conference), hence it no longer makes sense to advertise it as being only for the Mac.

  7. Maybe Snow Leopard will be for non-Apple hardware?

    I doubt it, but I thought I’d join the world of Apple rumors ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

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