Photos of new Apple iPhone 2.8- and 3.2-inch touchscreens appear?

“Apple almost never confirms its component suppliers, and for various reasons, the suppliers only rarely confirm that they’re working with Apple. That’s the only major reason that we’d normally be skeptical about what’s shown below: the first pictures and diagrams of a touchscreen display that a Taiwanese company claims is being used in an upcoming iPhone. It’s a 2.8” display—shown here alongside a newer 3.2” version—two sizes that would enable Apple to start shrinking both iPhones and touchscreen iPods from the current 3.5” screen size found in its first-generation models,” Jeremy Horwitz reports for iLounge.

“The developer of these displays, Host Optical, has shown what it describes as a ‘projected capacitance touch panel,’ complete with a collection of characteristics that it suggests are superior to the ones being used in the original iPhone. According to the company, the displays have ‘no significant’ aging effect—they don’t get progressively less sensitive over time—and are claimed to be more durable than alternatives, waterproof, plus resistant to high humidities and temperatures,” Horwitz reports.

Much more in the full article, including more and larger images, here.


  1. Maybe you could explain some of the conflicting iPhone rumours if there were going to be two new iPhones, a standard-sized one and an iPhone mini.

    The iPhone mini could be the one that is sold very cheaply or given away for free with a suitable contract, as is commonplace with European phone companies, while the standard one has all the bells and whistles.

  2. A 2.8 and the existing 3.5 would be nice, but I want it to match feature for feature. Fat fingered people are not going to want the 2.8 regardless of whether the keyboard goes landscape or not.
    I expect Apple to make version 2 distinguishable from version 1, other than size, however, it ain’t broke, so maybe it doesn’t need fixing on the outside.
    What if these are in addition to the 3.5, with three choices at three price ranges. Not typical of Apple to muddy up their line, but it is going from what, 6 countries to 70, so maybe a variety would be feasable, but analyzing how many of each to make would be a nightmare.

  3. If it’s not fake and Apple will be releasing a smaller version of the original iPhone at a lower price point, this would be a huge deal to blow out the addressable market.

    Imagine if the smaller one cost Apple say $150-$175 to produce and they could double the price to the carrier ($300-$350) which the carrier could easily subsidize down to $50-$100, then this is a game changer. I doubt this will be the case though as Apple doesn’t like to cheapen their brand. BUT if they sense they could go for the jugular perhaps they’d do it to addict more people to iPhones. Interesting.

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