VLC Media Player now available for Apple iPhone, iPod touch

Over on MacRumors, “‘Zodttd’ announced that he has ported the popular VLC media-playing software over to the iPhone and iPod touch.”

“What is ‘vlc4iphone’ capable of? At the moment it may be limited by only a small handfull of decoders, but soon that list will grow! It currently allows you to drag and drop the following popular media formats onto your iPhone/iPod touch for playback: MPEG/MPG, AVI, MP3,” arn reports for MacRumors.

“The author is currently researching adding support for VCD, DivX, WMA and WMV, with support for FLAC and OGG formats coming “soon”. The application is currently under beta testing but a public release is planned soon,” arn reports.” The application requires a jailbroken phone for installation.”

More info and links here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “RadDoc” for the heads up.]


  1. Not so sure that VLC – if that’s what the above post refers to – is a “worthless piece of crap”

    Least not to me on a semi-ancient G4

    Is free, believe 100% open, and can handle anything thrown at it

    Plus, is French, oui oui

    And, in a world of PC files, is nice to easily get at all the DIVX’s on UseNet and BitTorrent

    But, don’t think I need it THAT much to jailbreak my iPhone, sorry


  2. Nutcracker, you’re at least living up to part of your name…the nuts part.

    Ports for jailbroken phones might be questionable at best, but VLC is about as far from a “piece of crap program” as you can get.

    It is one of the first programs I install on any machine–Windows, OS X or Linux–and is the closest thing to a swiss army knife for media playing as you can get.

    I would love to see an iPhone-native VLC player, and would be tremendously pissed off if Apple didn’t permit one.

  3. @nutscracker
    No crap… fairly good enough when reading few things QT doesn’t. Sorry, i love QT, but Apple has still some work to do. None is perfect, neither Apple nor ANY other.

  4. Nutcracker’s comment is a perfect example of ignorance.

    VLC is an absolute necessity to play back the numerous video formats circulating online, and with a less clunky interface that QuickTime player.

  5. I’ve got to pile on, here. VLC has been indipensable since I first switched in ’02, and has never ignored the platform. Ever.

    Whenever I switch someone, I give them a list of apps to get. VLC is always on the list.

  6. TGAFM may be constipated but cared enough to login, read the comment and post a carefully crafted attempt at flaming that looks like it took nearly three and a half hours to compose.


  7. I prefer quicktime with Perian for those codecs that Quicktime doesn’t natively support. The only reason I use VLC is on the occasion the audio isn’t loud enough in Quicktime. VLC can amplify the sound better.

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