Adobe releases 3 new public betas: Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth

Adobe is giving a sneak peek at three applications from the next release of Adobe Creative Suite, its collection of graphic design, Web development and video editing applications. The company released public beta versions of Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Soundbooth as free downloads via Adobe labs. Once downloaded and launched, the betas will be active for 48 hours after which time only Creative Suite 3 customers will have an extended ability to use the betas until the next release of Creative Suite becomes available.

The Dreamweaver beta for Web design and development, the Fireworks beta for prototyping, and the Soundbooth beta for audio creating and editing, demonstrate the direction that Adobe Creative Suite is taking with features and technologies that will simplify and streamline design and development workflows across all media. The betas also offer users the opportunity to give Adobe feedback for further product development.

“Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth are the major applications we’re unveiling as public betas before the next release of Creative Suite,” said David Burkett, vice president of product management for Adobe Creative Suite, in the press release. “This early release software gives our loyal customers a taste of the radical workflow enhancements that we have in store, as we redefine how designers and developers collaborate to deliver stand-out digital experiences.”

The Dreamweaver public beta includes a new Related Files Toolbar and Code Navigator feature that allows users to dive deeply into complex pages that include HTML files, links to JavaScript documents and integrated XML data. Users can see related files in the Related Files Toolbar and with Code Navigator make changes to code that appears in various parts of a document just with one update. The update to Dreamweaver also features a new Live View Mode, which is based on the open source rendering engine Webkit. It enables users to see content in real-world, real-time environments without having to leave Dreamweaver to preview in a browser. This feature also gives users the ability to freeze JavaScript language to debug interactive pages as well as view and interact with Flash content.

New features in Fireworks beta include a new user interface that is now consistent with other applications within the Creative Suite making it easier for users to switch between applications that now have a universal look and feel. In addition, Fireworks beta now allows users to export design comps as high fidelity, interactive, and secure Adobe PDF documents for enhanced client communication. Fireworks beta is also now compatible with Adobe AIR, HTML, Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex Builder so users can create their design once and deploy to whichever application platform is required by clients.

The Soundbooth beta showcases a host of new features for creative professionals to complete their audio production tasks more efficiently, including the new multiple track support which allows users to edit multiple audio clips on a number of tracks, and the new ability for users to match volume levels across audio files. Also included is the capability to preview MP3 compression settings before saving them and a new speech recognition technology that lets users create transcripts of dialogue tracks quickly and search them for words and phrases within a timeline.

The Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Soundbooth betas, once downloaded and launched, will be active for 48 hours after which time only CS3 customers will have extended access. Using their CS3 product serial numbers, users will have the exclusive ability to unlock the betas and use them for free until the next version of Creative Suite becomes available. Beta access will give users an opportunity to deliver feedback, via Adobe Labs, for future product development.

Dreamweaver and Fireworks betas run on multiple operating systems, including Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2, Windows Vista and Mac OS X version 10.4.11 or later on PowerPC G5 or Intel-based Macintosh systems. The Soundbooth beta runs on all those systems except for PowerPC-based Macintosh systems. The betas can be immediately downloaded from Adobe Labs at


  1. so this will be exactly like the cs3 version… hopefully they will make new icons, though I already designed my own to fix that issue. 😀 It would be more interesting f or photoshop or illustrator cs4 to come out as beta than dreamweaver and fireworks…. guess that shows those are the two at the bottom of the totem pole for major updates.

  2. The burning question is this: Will Dreamweaver not suck as bad as in CS3? Will I be able to run it natively on my MacBook Pro and not in Rosetta?

    FFS, Adobe, I paid well over $1000 for the package (yes, I buy legal copies). I just want to be able to run it.

    Until then, it’s back to BBEdit…

  3. Minor updates for full price. Nice job Adobe. And just how un-backward compatible will CS4 be to CS3?

    Please oh please some noble software writers give Adobe some decent competition and consumers Real choice. Surly Adobe and Quark are not the end of the road for new software.

  4. The real question is… if you download the demo will it cause chaos with your CS3 updates and apps. My guess: you’ll be reinstalling zeroing out your hard drive in no time just to get CS3 working again.

  5. “Sneak Peek” = we can pay ourselves even more money if we can get fools to do our testing for us.

    “Software engineer” almost as much of an oxymoron as “Microsoft Works”.

    Fifth post/ Sixth? Kudos to Dreil for his(?) subtle self-deprecation.

  6. I was fiddling with the beta of PS CS3–this actually feels pretty timely to me. Photoshop usually changes the least anyway, version to version. I’ll be curious to see what the Macromedia apps are like now that enough time has passed for them to become truly integrated. Dragging and dropping between Photoshop and Dreamweaver is pretty damn cool . . . I wonder what else they’re bringing to the party.

  7. @Keith

    What problems do you have specifically with Dreamweaver CS3 running in intel native mode? Just curious. It seems to launch and run fine on my MacBook Pro, but I don’t use it extensively.

  8. SCREW Adobe those bastages have been raking us Designers over the coals as long as I can remember! Fsck those at Adobe for constant non backwards compatible bloatware. Damn them for putting HUNDREDS of folders all over my HD! They are basically windoze-izing my mac! FSCK THEM! They will go the way quark before I am done with them. They should listen up too because it wouldn’t be the first or last time a company of pirates was put outa biz by the graphic design community. We are not that stupid adobe, don’t try us!

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