Apple Canada preps staff for upcoming ‘secret’ event

“Apple Canada is gearing up some of its representatives in advance of an upcoming event,” Electronista reports.

“Key staff are being asked to travel to the company’s Markham, Ontario regional headquarters for discussions that are taking place today,” Electronista reports.

“The discussions are considered secret, and staff contacted regarding the nature of the meetings have declined comment on any specifics,” Electronista reports. “However, they allude to preparations for upcoming Apple developments rather than a regularly scheduled meeting.”

More in the full article here.

Some secret. The bloodbath doth cometh.


  1. Hey, didn’t the half dome iMac get leaked from the cover of Time Magazine in Canada the night before it actually came out. We really can trust those Canadians.
    I do like the fact that the rumors now seem to be coming from other countries, which indicates emphasis on world release. With a world product, ya need a world release.

  2. At a time AAPL should blossom, the economy brings it down…investment firms should put the shoe on the other foot for those who are selling their investments over fear and put a spotlight on AAPL as an temporary or longterm investment with a titanium shell to the world economy.

  3. @Anpar

    Yes, the invasion plans have been kept very secret until now, but since we wanted to save Apple when we laid waste to the rest of the country we had to let them in on what was going down.

    Remember we whipped the USA’s but last time we invaded you guys, so … watch out! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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