Forrester Research predicts Apple products of 2013 as forming ‘credible hub of the digital home’

Forrester Research has released “a new report that imagines the Apple products of 2013. But rather than predict Apple jet packs or other outlandish new directions, the research firm uses the company’s recent history as a guide to forecasting,” Nick Wingfield reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“Forrester’s conclusion: While much of Apple’s great successes have been mobile products such as the iPod and the iPhone, the company will seek to colonize rooms throughout the home,” Wingfield reports.

“Among the new products Forrester predicts Apple will create are wall-mountable digital picture frames with small high-definition screens and speakers that wirelessly play media, including photos, videos and music, stored on a computer elsewhere in the home. Such products already exist, but Apple could put its own twist on them — for example, by adding its design panache and a touch-sensitive screen that lets viewers flip from image to image with a finger swipe, a la the iPhone,” Wingfield reports.

“For the bedroom, Forrester envisions an Apple “clock radio” that pipes in music and other media across a home network. Possible, too, is an ‘AppleSound’ universal remote control, also with a touch-sensitive screen, that lets users browse their music collections and change the songs playing through their stereo as they stroll around the house,” Wingfield reports.

Full article here.

More info about Forrester Research’s US$279 report, “The Future Of Apple Inc. – By 2013, Apple’s Product Mix Will Make It A Credible Hub Of The Digital Home,” by J.P. Gownder and James L. McQuivey here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Winston” for the heads up.]

Who pays these people for this crap?


  1. To NeverFade: (re: beyond 2012)

    I didn’t see a reference in the summary to Earth. Maybe that’s why they’re charging $279.

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  2. I think it’s more likely that Apple will license iTunes to third parties for accessories like picture frames and alarm clocks. I don’t see them being bothered with these little things, but it’s obvious that iTunes is shaping up to be the content hub of the future. The sooner, the better, I say. I want Apple to make a DVR so badly.

  3. Executive Summary

    Consumer product strategists frequently ask Forrester how Apple’s product strategy will evolve: What will Apple’s product portfolio look like five years from now, and how is Apple preparing for that future today? Forrester notes that Apple has completely remade itself from a PC maker to a consumer devices and digital music leader over the past eight years — thus setting the precedent for additional radical change over the next five. While there are a number of speculative industry hypotheses for the future of Apple — including scenarios like Apple as a media pure play or Apple as the “American Sony” — Forrester sees a future that ties together many of these hypotheses into a coherent consumer product strategy: Apple will aim to become the hub of the digital home, offering eight key products and services to connect PCs and digital content to the HDTV-stereo audio-visual infrastructure in consumers’ homes. To fulfill this strategy, we predict that Apple will launch new products, re-engineer the Apple Store, and expand into in-home installation services.,7211,44244,00.html

  4. 1. Few can predict with any accuracy what Apple will release in 5 weeks, 5 years is too big a stretch.

    2. If these ideas are so incredibly marvelous why haven’t they been successfully developed years ago?

    3. Analysts can’t see the trees because of the “Forrest”.

  5. Yea- and they will perfectly match my apple refrigerator and my apple toaster in teh kitchen!

    And I totally heart my apple bidet and apple showerhead in the bathroom. Don’t even get me started on my iTP dispenser!

    Dumbest theory I ever heard, forrester dood.

  6. His almighty already predicted that the future would be in creating a seamless home system that combined everything ages ago while he was planning AppleTV, iphone and Airport express.

    Have these analyists nothing better to do with their clients money? or are they waiting to claim prior concept when said almost similar products are produced??

  7. I know one thing… I went to CES in Vegas for years and saw Microsoft’s “digital home” product…… what a joke! It made no sense…. was never a finished product… the unanswered questions, were MANY….

    I’ll take my chances that Steve has no problem beating that…. I would not be surprised at all to see Apple expand well into our kitchens, bedrooms, livingrooms…. bathrooms????

  8. @NeverFade

    Here’s how it’s gonna go down:

    1) Apple iPhone 3.0s will be able to web browse into the future.

    2) Seeing humanity’s demise, Apple will build a space plane into their next iMac.

    3) The space plane will be called a total failure by every pundit who has a Dell or an iPhone knockoff. A really big fireball will prove the pundits correct.

    4) The lack of stupid pundits will jeopardize MDN’s business model forcing them to resurrect Think Secret from space.

    5) At the 2013 Macworld Expo Steve Jobs will introduce something utterly revolutionary the likes of which we will not have seen since the world got hit by that fireball thingy…

    6) Steve will call it a “living room”

    7) But since space planes don’t have [ahem] space for a living room, it will have to be a digital living room. But that’s okay since most of us will be able to fit everything we own into a MySpace account tied to Second Life.

  9. It has been estimated that if every household in the US had one of those digital picture frames, another 3 average capacity power plants would be needed to be built to power them all.

    What is going to power all this new gear from Apple?

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