Apple’s massive iPhone 2.0 rollout: 42 countries, 575 million potential customers – and counting

“Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster summarized the flood of recent iPhone deals in a note to clients on Friday,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt blogs for Fortune.

The key numbers in his report:
• 46 carriers announced to date (up from 6 currently)
• 42 countries covered (up from 6)
• 575 million total available market (up from 153 million)

Elmer-DeWitt reports, “The recent announcements give Munster “increased confidence” that Apple will meet his published sales target of 12.9 million iPhones in calendar year 2008. Well they should, since 3% of 575 million is 17.25 million iPhones. For 2009, Munster is sticking with his estimate of 45 million iPhones — a target that represents the high end among mainstream Apple analysts.”

Full article here.


  1. Where’s the idiots that said Apple will never hit 10 million by end of ’08?

    They would like you to believe that the current iphone and 2 countries would be all apple was working with. Could they not see that a new one was coming along with adding more countries? how stupid do you have to be to think like they did?

  2. Its not the total population Munster reports. Note that in India alone the population is 1 billion and Munster’s total customer base is 575 million. So the number is 100,000 out of Germany’s total customers, a lot less an 82 million. And don’t forget 3G.

  3. @ Largo,
    It’s not surprising that the original 2G iPhone is selling poorly in Germany; as a cell phone it is very antiquated by European standards. What’s surprising to me is that Apple was able to sell 100,000 iPhones DESPITE being 2G technology. I don’t think you can apply sales adoption of the first gen iPhones to what can be expected when the gen 2 iPhones, with 2.0 software AND the SDK application development. It is easy to expect a much higher adoption rate all over Europe.

  4. Obviously, the last 11 months has seen Apple experimenting and learning about what it means to be in the mobile ‘phone’ business. From the time I watched the iPhone unveiling a year and a half ago, I knew that I had seen mobile device future. I DON’T believe that the Nokia, RIM and the others will just roll over, nor do I want them to. However, I DO believe that the next 6 months will really see Apple catapult to an undeniable lead in the smartphone market. Like I said a few days ago, once they get deals in place for China and Japan, they’ll probably sell them as fast as they can make them, for a while anyway.

  5. Apple’s gonna sell 20 million iPhones in ’08. I know Steve said 10 million, but Apple always sets numbers that they KNOW they can blow right through.

    What’s new for Macworld ’09? I say quad-core iMacs, etc. By the time this next six months unfolds, the “analysts” will never doubt Apple again.

    We’ve still got the back-to-school season coming up AND the holiday season; are you kidding me?

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