Photos: Apple Store, Boylston Street inside and out

The new Apple Store on Boylston Street in Boston, Apple’s largest U.S. retail store to date, has been revealed by The Boston Globe.

The three-floor store will become Apple’s largest retail store in the United States when it opens on today, May 15th at 6pm EDT.

Until today, the store had been covered with a Green Monster-like facade that said “coming soon.”

See the photos here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Basil Ganglia” for the heads up.]


  1. Is it worth going in to get the T-shirt? What the heck, isn’t that what retirement means? All the time in the world and not enough money to buy a new T-shirt? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. hmm 6pm I should stop by after work and check it out… though I’m likely better off taking the train in so I am not to get flooded with ridiculous boston traffic especially with the masses of people flocking the store. Maybe I’d get a tshirt 😀

  3. Yawn. I miss the Tiki hut themed Dell kiosk at the mall—it even had a grass roof because it replaced Ned’s Hawaiian Smoothies. As I recall it only took a week to convert it to a retail technology powerhouse. Those were good smoothies though. I checked around and I believe it was the only Dell kiosk with a Tiki hut theme so it was kind of special. It’s where I picked up my Ditty after someone returned it. Half price! Score!

    You MAC lemmings can have your elitist fancy-pants-glass-stairway stores. If you ask me there sure seems to be a lot of overhead cost in running a store like that. Maybe that’s why MACs cost so much more than PCs. Besides, I can build my own PC from parts I can buy on the internet for a quarter the price of a MAC and it will run Windows.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  4. Of course, when your stores have the highest sales$/square foot in retail, you can afford stairs like that.

    And they are easier to clean than that thatch roof, which gets shabby looking after a year or two.

  5. @jtc: I don’t think you could get anywhere near the inside of the store tonight if you tried. reports that the line started forming last night. My beloved 4G iPod (or “iPod photo” as it was called at the time) recently had its hard drive die after years of heavy use, so I’m in the market for a new 80 GB iPod classic. I’m going to try to go by tomorrow after work — 24 hours after the opening — and even then I will not be surprised if the store ends up being packed.

  6. ZT…may I introduce you something called elegance, class, tastefulness, and creativeness.
    Why don’t you ditty over to Pizza Hut to get your fill of a tiki hut theme…and, by the way, the dude who returned his ditty was the one who scored.

  7. Okay, am I the only perv wondering what a hot woman in a skirt on that staircase just above me might look?

    I see the glass is glazed or something, but still . . . it looks like you might want to make sure your wife or daughter where’s pants while shopping in Boston.

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