Intel exec reportedly confirms Atom chip for Apple iPhone

“In what might be a high-profile case of career suicide, an Intel Germany executive has reportedly confirmed that Apple plans to use Intel’s Atom processor in a future iPhone,” Tom Krazit reports for CNET.

“The report says the Atom-based iPhone would be larger, and uses the reference design for a mobile Internet device that Intel created for its Fall Intel Developer Forum. That design was a mockup of what MIDs using the next-generation of Atom, code-named Moorestown, might resemble, rather than an actual product blueprint. A switch to Intel’s chips is certainly possible for an iPhone released around the 2009-2010 timeframe expected for Moorestown, and it’s also possible that Apple has an Atom-based tablet-like device in the works, but it’s far from clear,” Krazit reports.

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Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK, “Allegedly the device – which may be larger than a phone – will offer a 720 x 480 pixel display, and will be announced during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. It’s thought this device (if these rumours carry any truth at all) will be more focused as a portable media centre and productivity solution than the current communication-focused iPhone.”

“This news is interesting because it had been widely believed the current Atom processor emanates too much heat for deployment within an iPhone,” Evans reports. “It appears Intel (perhaps working with Apple, and potentially with the engineers from PA Semi) has developed a new version of Atom specifically for use within mobile devices.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Markim” for the heads up.]


  1. Not sure how this will workout. Not many people would want a cool thin device burning a hole in their leg. But im sure they will figure something out like always. Palm CEO should make another quote about how it will fail just for us to laugh at 😀

  2. Come on you trolls, if Steve announces it a WWDC, then we want it… As a fanboy, it’s not our job the decide what we want or need, Steve will tell us…

    Personally, I’d pay $4000 for a nice elegant and sexy tablet. And if it is multitouch, then it would just be absolutely delicious!! I don’t really care about the specs as long as it’s thin. It will be a bloodbath and a game changer!! This is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!

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