Yahoo! acquires ‘Inquisitor’ instant search extension for Apple’s Safari web browser

David Watanabe has announced that Yahoo! has acquired the rights to Inquisitor, his instant search extension for Apple’s Safari web browser.

Watanabe writes on his blog, “For those unfamiliar, Inquisitor is a pioneering software extension that provides as-you-type instant search directly within the Safari web browser. Inquisitor makes navigating the web fast and effortless by providing instant search results within an unobtrusive pop-down window. It also performs live autocompletion, prioritizes results based on the user’s search history, and gives the user extensive control over their search experience.”

“I look forward to assisting Yahoo! in refining and extending the Inquisitor user experience beyond where it is today. I truly believe that Inquisitor and its users can only benefit, both from Yahoo’s resources and attention, and from the product integration possibilities that would have been impossible to pursue on my own,” Watanabe writes.

Watanabe writes, “It’s important to note that while I will continue to be the lead developer behind Inquisitor for Safari, I will not be joining Yahoo! as an employee. I have every desire and intention to remain an independent developer for the Mac, meaning that Inquisitor, Xtorrent, Acquisition, and NewsFire will all continue to be equal priorities in my life.”

Full article here.

More info and download link for Inquisitor 3.1 (freeware) here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Yes, Apple should have buyed it before! Now Mac’s search engine will be ruled by Yahoo… and M£ might yet finally buy yahoo! Means M£ will be abble to rule a part of Safari!!! Very weird!!! Very, very, weird!!!

  2. Crap! The one plugin I actually used goes away. Slender, invisible when you didn’t need it, simple, straightforward and easy to understand, jumping in with a soft suggestion but not forcing it on you. It was like the perfect woman. The perfect woman who jumps in Biff’s brand new convertible Ferrari and leaves you with the engagement ring you were about to give her! *sigh*

  3. I hope they are aware that Inquisitor makes use of an InputManager, a technique which has been declared by Apple to be soon obsolete. Indeed, a trick is aleady needed to still use InputManagers under Leopard. Unfortunately, such processes then run as root. Good reason for Apple to ban the technique altogether very very soon.

  4. The Inquistion, what a show
    The Inquistion, here we go
    We know you’re wishing
    That we’d go away
    But the Inquistion’s here and it’s here to stay
    The Inquistion, oh boy
    The Inquistion, what a joy
    The Inquistion, oy oy

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