QuickerTek debuts extended battery for Apple MacBook Air; external pack adds 6-10 hours of power

MacBook Air traveler? QuickerTek has launched an extended battery upgrade for Apple’s MacBook Air. Users gain six to ten hours of additional battery power – beyond the battery life of the built-in battery. This is the only product that charges the MacBook Air while in use. It retails for US$299.95.

Since the MacBook Air has a non-removeable battery, the typical user strategy of using multiple batteries is not possible. QuickerTek had already developed battery charging technology for MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops, but those solutions did not charge AND power the computer at the same time. QuickerTek’s MacBook Air External Battery powers and charges the internal battery while in use.

A total of 12 to 16 hours of Air use are possible when using the External Battery Charger from QuickerTek. Users know the external battery is working because the battery charge percentage in the menu bar stays at 100% for hours, before the internal battery is used. While the stock MacBook Air recharges in four hours using the AC wall adapter, the External Battery Charger recharges in only three hours. Styled to blend with your Apple equipment, the MacBook Air External Battery Charger is lightweight and good looking. This product should not be used with MacBooks or MacBook Pro models.

• Physical: 5.5 x .5.5 x 0.6 inches
• Weight: 1.2lbs
• Battery: Li-ion Polymer
• 6 to 10 hours of extended use on MacBook Air
• Requires QuickerTek-modified MacBook Air power adapter
• LED charging status indicator

Customers can either send in their MacBook Air MagSafe power adapter for an upgrade ($25), or buy an already-upgraded MagSafe adapter for use with the MacBook Air External Battery Charger ($100). Either way, the magSafe is upgraded with military-spec parts for longer life. Compatibility with any MacBook Air is maintained.

Like most QuickerTek products, the MacBook Air External Battery Charger is backed with a one-year warranty on parts and labor. Additional product information is found here.


  1. (Sigh.) Why is it that so many people just don’t “get it”? Every time Apple turns out a product focussed to a particular group, sometimes cutting out features to reduce cost, some genius decides he’ll get a good deal by purchasing the low cost item, then add the missing features to it himself! The MacBook Air is streamlined for traveling. A dangling battery is a slippery slope to defeating that purpose. I know, I’ll get an external keyboard for my Palm Pilot!

  2. “the magSafe is upgraded with military-spec parts for longer life.”

    What exactly is “military spec parts?” I love these buzzwords that are never followed up with any real, tangible evidence.

  3. @ Metryq:

    People who already carry an extra battery won’t see this as an issue. It allows them to have the thinner laptop without sacrificing the extra battery time. It’s nice to have the option.

  4. My Wife an I Travel extensively with MacBook Pro back to Powerbooks and have never carried extra batteries. The Air without a swappable battery would not be an issue, so I still don’t see what the fuss is about. It’s like my iPhone I’ve had lots of other cell phones and have never swapped out the battery, except for an old Motorola analog cell phone, I replaced the standard battery with an extended battery 1 hours of talk time and 6 hours of stand-by standard battery and 2.5 hours of talk time and 36 hours of stand-by, that was ages ago. The phones were huge bricks then.
    Most airlines have put power outlets in all the seats for international fights and for longer flights. Unless your flying Livestock Airlines, were you’re luck if the hand you a sack lunch upon boarding and make the passengers keep their livestock in a cage during the fight.

  5. “Military spec parts” is why the modified Magsafe costs $100. You know, like military spec screwdrivers for $900. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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