Spectasia offers 3D Desktop – ‘Lookable’ User Interface – for Apple Mac

Spectasia is a new way to access content on your Mac visually; named a Lookable User Interface.

Here, wide-angle perspective creates a fixed 3D location for every item. Pinpointing any link is then as easy as looking towards it, and, Spectasia claims on their website, “you can select items up to 10 times faster than with Menus!”

Spectasia provides a range of features and benefits, including:
• Browse, navigate and select item choices inside a 3-D panorama
• Create 3-D links to all your stuff: programs, media files, etc.
• Drag and drop items directly into the Spectasia window
• Maneuver up and down levels rapidly using the Clickstream Memory
• Perform instant text searches using the unique Spotlight Tool
• Switch between Gadget and Full-screen modes instantly
• Optimised for use on high-resolution displays
• 3-D object texture shading and unique lighting affects
• Crystal clear and optimised graphics for use on multi-core chipsets
• Create an unlimited number of items and levels
• And much more

Spectasia says that users will find that Spectasia 3.0 provides a significant saving in retrieval time. It “takes the hassle out of locating items.” Memory tests prove that users can remember the precise 3D locations of many items. “The need to search and then re-search the screen for the same items, over and over again, and day after day, is eliminated,” the company’s website reads.

Spectasia 3.0 for your Mac is available in a free 30-day trial edition. The full version retails for £20 (around US$35).

More info and download link here.


  1. I see 3-D perspective, but that’s a far cry from true 3-D visualization.

    Everything is still on one plane, which is 2-D. Just because that one plane is tilted with respect to the screen that doesn’t make it 3-D.

  2. 3D-Space VFS has been around for years and does this effect much better IMHO. It’s by Marc Moini, the very same expert who gave us Smart Scroll – the app no-one should be without.

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