Apple slammed over failure to help solve ‘climate crisis’

“ aims to force companies to clearly state their environmental efforts and provide this information to customers as a tool that contributes to their purchase decision. “Business is being pushed by consumers to do its part to solve the climate crisis. The scorecard allows consumers to make good climate decisions in their everyday purchases, and it’s having an impact,” said Gary Hirshberg, chairman. Hirshberg is also the CEO of organic yogurt maker Stonyfield Farm, which finances the campaign,” Christian Zibreg and Wolfgang Gruener report for TG Daily.

“At least in this survey, Apple doesn’t look great. The Cupertino-based company ended up with only 11 out of a maximum of 100 points for its ecological and climate efforts. Apple’s results fall far behind other tech companies: IBM is at the top with 77 points, followed by Canon (74), Toshiba (70), Sony (68), Hewlett-Packard (68), Motorola (66), Hitachi (51), Samsung (51), Siemens (51), Dell (49) and Nokia (37). claims that Apple has no publicly stated climate impact review information available, there are insufficient efforts to reduce the climate impact, there is no climate policy stance and very little reporting on its emissions available,” Zibreg and Gruener report.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: More about Apple’s environmental efforts here.


  1. This is all about grabbing headlines of a phony ECO organization looking to cash in from the public.

    Man caused Global Warning in a load of Crap anyway. Any scientist that has reviewed the data and does have a BIG GRANT pending on Global Warming research will tell that it’s crap too.

  2. Notice what they are talking about here? “Publicly stated” goals. Many companies have been promising the sun the moon and the stars. What they’ve been delivering is quite different.

    Rating a company on their promises is less than helpful. It encourages big press announcements, nothing more. If countries were rated for their “publicly stated” goals concerning democratization I’m guessing China would come in first and the United States and other established democracies would come in last.

    I’m all for encouraging environmentalism. But I’m all for USEFUL measures, not measures that distort and conceal the truth.

  3. Just a load of BS! Do the math. With current technology, only nuclear power works as a way to reduce emissions deemed harmful. Nuclear power reduces dependancy on outside sources of fuel, provides jobs, saves lives.

  4. Sorry, I take that back about god solving our problems. I shouldn’t have been posting on the Internet anyway; I was supposed to be at church. Damn me to Hell.

    Besides, I realized that we decide to task God with solving our problems, then by exacerbating these problems we are fighting against God. And by advocating this blasphemy, I was going to be damned to Hell anyway.

    Sorry all.

  5. While I’m all for helping minimize global warming and being more “green” I think its getting a bit tiring when groups like this slam Apple when they openly admit they have no information to go by. You can’t just give a bad score because Apple doesn’t publicly boast about their efforts.

  6. Who cares.

    Im just happy that my new 24″ iMac is on the FedEx truck to be delivered TODAY!!

    Replacing my 5yr old Dual 1GB G4 should help reduce my electric bill (not that that’s why I bought it).

    I too agree that Nuke power + reasonable conservation is the only solution to America’s energy needs. Unfortunately, here in Ca, the State Gov has fully submitted to the Enviro Natzis and outlawed any new nuke plants. So we just buy our energy from other states that produce it mostly by burning coal, the dirtiest fossil fuel.

    But hey-

    I’m getting my new iMac today!! Frickin cool!

  7. They’re just after headlines. Apple is one of the few companies these days that are guaranteed column inches.
    For years they were ignored, but now their a focus point.

    Apparently the new media is not very bright. I blame “Journalism” degrees. A proper education in economics or Poli-Sci will produce a thinking journalist. Journalism degrees just produce monkeys who can type.
    But I’m not bitter, just a Swing Geezer.

  8. As Falkirk said, this is the exact same thing Greenpeace was latching on to: the fact that Apple doesn’t SAY anything about the fact that they are FAR ahead of EVERY OTHER COMPUTER MANUFACTURER from an environmental perspective.

    Morons. All they want is free publicity. It’s much more effective to just go guide your friends towards environmental-friendliness rather than being stereotypical jerk liberals like these groups.

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