RUMOR: Apple preps major revamp of .Mac to coincide with iPhone 2.0 launch

.Mac (Apple Inc.)“According to our anonymous tipster, .Mac will undergo a complete revamp that will coincide with the iPhone 2.0 launch (which everyone expects to occur at WWDC 08),” Cory Bohon reports for TUAW.

Bohon mentions:
• .Mac push e-mail coming to iPhone 2.0
• Full over-the-air syncing including calendars, contacts, and email (similar to Exchange)
• .Mac syncing on Windows

Full article here.


  1. This rocks!!! On a comical note this is just what Bill Gates said in his keynote in January (“Cloud computing”, “everything we do will be over the internet” , “online storage” etc.). It’s hilarious that Apple will be the first company to make it come true! How long will he let Ballmer run the show?

    Disclaimer: I don’t follow Bill Gates keynotes at all, this is the part I picked up in a short article so I could be wrong.

  2. This story is all over the place the last couple of days and I just want to point out how dumb it is.

    The header is always “Major re-vamp of .Mac services” and then all that is mentioned is over the air syncing for iPhone. Those two things are incompatible.

    I have .Mac already and the mail already syncs so frequently that it’s virtually indistinguishable from push email anyway. If you have .Mac, all your computers are already synced (contacts, bookmarks, email, and much more), and your iPhone or iPod touch syncs with one of those computers, so it already is in constant sync with everything anyway.

    Sure it would be nice to have over the air syncing for portables, but this just doesn’t equate to “a major revamp.”

    Also, all those people whining about the “expensive” 100 bucks a year fee are idiots IMO. It works out to 8 or 9 bucks a month for cripes sake! How is it that people are perfectly okay paying 600 bucks for a phone and 100 bucks a month to the phone company for the privilege of using it, but the price of a couple of cups of coffee is too much to pay for an online portal?

  3. “Revamp”? When was it vamped?

    I guess I don’t understand what .Mac push email will do, since my iPhone gets my email as soon as my computer. Corporate emails servers and such? Mine is already forwarded to my .Mac, but I guess this way you can keep them separate, rather than combined?

  4. @ Johnsson:

    Who DOES follow a Gates keynote any more? The man is so out of touch. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

    These would be very welcome changes to .Mac. I do find WWDC a curious place to introduce them, considering that it’s a developers’ conference and Apple usually gears product announcements to that. Maybe the iPhone developer kit is enough justification, or they just plain don’t care.

  5. I’ve had .Mac since it was iTools (free), and I love it. Effortless website creation, Photocasting with my scattered family, Sync from my MacBook to my iMac to my work Mac Pro, iDisk (use Transmit to access files, it is 1000 times faster than Finder) and my name

    It just doesn’t get any sweeter!

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