WSJ: Time to bail on MSFT, Microsoft’s corporate strategy no better than their mediocre software

In the wake of Microsoft’s failed attempt to acquire Yahoo, “this is now an excellent opportunity to sell any Microsoft stock you have left,” Brett Arends writes for The Wall Street Journal.

Arends writes, “The bid itself, followed by its swift abandonment, should raise serious questions about Microsoft’s leadership and direction. Does Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer really know what he is trying to do?”

“Ordinary consumers might legitimately ask if Microsoft’s corporate strategy is any better than the company’s mediocre software,” Arends writes.

MacDailyNews Take: Beautiful line! We couldn’t have done much better ourselves. wink (We would’ve gone with “mediocre-at-best,” instead.)

Arends writes, “It was always hard to see why combining Microsoft’s third-rate Internet strategy with Yahoo’s second-rate Internet strategy was ever going to take on Google. It’s like tying two rocks together in the hope they will float,” Arends writes.

Arends writes, “Private investors should ask themselves why they are bothering to own Microsoft stock directly anyway.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Make the world a better place. Get a Mac and buy some AAPL!


  1. Of course, with Micro$oft’s history of making “mediocre-at-best” copies of Apple’s products, and seemingly going down the pan through the management strategy (lol) of Ballmer, there is only one, last, truely great copy of Apple left for them to do:

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you “The Second Coming of William H. Gates III”

    Marvel at his charisma-less key note presentations; swoon at his grey turtle-neck top and slacks; laugh as Micro$oft still go down the pan…

  2. Eh Im no fan but i can offer at least one reason to own MSFT, its at a relatively good price to earnings and business is doing well which uses predominantly MSFT products, and lots of them.

    To be honest, I think MSFT would do better if they got OUT of the OS market and just sold there software tools. They arnt half bad and they have lots of them.

  3. Apple does not let OSX run on anyone elses machines (which is fine with me). Linux is not quite ready for prime time (or is it). Is there a mass alternative to M$? Can Apple really sell 80% of the computers in the world? While I say no; I wonder who in the eary days of each product thought it would sell 80% of the MP3 players, or be blowing away the smart phone competition? These are interesting times.

    Maybe Apple should buy somebody like RedHat, start charging for the OS (if they can) and begin development of an alternative OS. One for the masses. Or, maybe not.

  4. No questions about Microsoft’s direction or strategy here. I put in an order for another 100 shares of MSFT just this morning. Yahoo doesn’t have anything mighty Microsoft can’t create themselves. Pretty soon the internet will be synonymous with Microsoft. It’s what people want.

    In 5 years Google will be a distant memory as 97% of already delighted Windows computer users will flock to the MSN Windows Live offering now being strategized at Microsoft. Imagine combining the power of Vista, xBox, Zune and MSN. The innovative geniuses in Redmond already have, and it’s gonna be great. There’s a big payoff for the wise ones sticking with Windows. Hey MAC sheep it’s not too late to get on the Vista train.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  5. “Microsoft’s corporate strategy no better than their mediocre software”

    Yeah right… with what this journalist call “mediocre software”, they took over the world!!! This is poor journalism. MS software is okay… Apple is just better, but… too damn’ closed!!!

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