Apple: Our pro apps are not for sale

“According to Apple itself, NAB rumours that it wants to unload Final Cut Pro and other post products are wide of the mark,” Dick Hobbs reports for TVBEurope.

“‘I can categorically state, on the record, that is not the case,’ said Richard Townhill, Apple’s director of marketing for professional video applications, going on to reveal that recently Apple hit the milestone of one million paid licences for Final Cut Pro. According to research specialist SCRI, in 2007 Apple took 49% of the US professional editing marketing with Avid trailing on just 22%,” Hobs reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike in Helsinki” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: In addition, a reader calling themselves “Steve Jobs” posted reader feedback to MacDailyNews from an internal Apple Inc. company IP address located in Cupertino, California regarding our previous article (May 2nd, source: Robert X. Cringely) on the rumor that Apple had shopped its pro apps portfolio around at NAB, “This rumor is false. Competitors have been trying to spread it around for a few months now. Apple’s Pro business is thriving and it is not for sale. Period. Steve” – Comment posted in Reader Feedback (stamped May 02, 08 – 05:13 pm). We’re not saying it was from Mr. Jobs, but it did come from an Apple Inc. IP address.


  1. doesnt take a genius, with final cut server and aperture just released, logic studio not long ago and the often rumored follow up to shake hopefully on the horizon, that apple wants to keep its pro apps.

  2. Typical Cringely. If you recall, Robert Cringely was the frigtard who broke this rumor, and in typical Cringely fashion, he got the story completely wrong.

    MEMO TO MDN: STOP PUBLISHING ANYTHING BY CRINGELY. Please. It only weakens the quality of your site.

    While Bob writes stuff that sounds convincing, ask yourself: has he EVER been even remotely close to being right?

    I thought so too.

  3. I, for one, am counting on Apple to supplant the adobe suite someday. I feel that adobe long ago gave up on their core customer in search of profit.

    Aperture, with its new plugins, should be ready to unseat the king of all apps – Photoshop.

    Once this happens, they can knock off Illustrator (easy), and eventually InDesign (harder).

    Adobe, I hate to see ya go, but you fscked me over once too many!

  4. Well, I am an Aperture 2.1 user. It has changed the way I handle my workflow. And the editing is really quite good. I rarely (almost never) need any other application. Glad to know Apple is NOT selling that product. Made me nervous for a moment there.

  5. “Adobe, I hate to see ya go, but you fscked me over once too many” …you said it for me too, ‘dijonaise’.

    Aperture 2.1 is glorious. It’s now an app that others will have to follow…

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