New Apple Flagship Store in Boston is world’s largest Apple Store

Just like the New York Yankees had to take a back seat to the Boston Red Sox, it’s just about time for Apple’s New York City flagship, Apple Store Fifth Avenue, to lose its crown to Boston.

“Later this month, Apple is opening its latest flagship store on Boylston Street in Boston. The store’s main claim to fame? It’s huge. We’re talking largest Apple Store in the world, by square footage,” Jordan Golson reports for Gizmodo.

“The store, in the city’s historic Back Bay district, looks like a four-story glass cube. It’s the first store inside Boston proper and the first with (finally) easy subway access. According to a store employee, it’s a good thing Boylston Street is so big: Apple estimates 1,500-2000 customers/hour will visit,” Golson reports.

Full article, with more and larger photos, here.


  1. I’m hoping they will stick in a theater somewhere. That was a huge draw to the SoHo store, but disappeared in the Fifth Ave and W. 14th Street stores in Manhattan. While not everyone takes advantage of the lecture sessions, it’s a very very powerful marketing tool. Buy the computer, we’ll show you how to do a few things here. The space makes no money directly, but it’s a brilliant long term strategy.

  2. Enjoy it while you can, MAC sheep. Microsoft will soon open retail stores that will put these Apple dumps to shame. My heart starts racing when I think of the hands on Microsoft experience at these Apple retail store killers. Zunes, xBox and of course Vista on desktops and laptops alike drawing in the masses to get a taste of real innovation.

    I can see the comments now. “Last Thursday in the middle of the afternoon I walked by a Microsoft Store and it was PACKED!” Buh-bye, Apple.

    Your potential. Our passion.™

  3. @ Zune Tang

    Microsoft has no taste, style or esthetic. I’d give MS 6 months a year on the outside before they start closing them up. MS Trailer Trash style and getto esthetic just can’t attract customers with money.
    Maybe they can convince K-mart to rent them space to open some MS Stores in K-mart stores as a trial before opening a bunch of mini strip mall locations anchored by 7-11 stores or a laundromats.

  4. Zune, you are so funny…. for the average person, it’s hard work sounding so dumb…. but your wit makes it easy…

    I think you are brilliant.. unless of course your posts are serious. I have to believe they are tongue in cheek.

  5. Yet another city with a venue for showing businessmen what Apples are really good at. Oh, we’ve had Chestnut Hill and the Cambridge Galleria for a while, but neither of those is in the heart of the city and neither of those has the room for a small theater or two for training use.
    Yeah … this will be a Good Thing.

  6. I hope that Paul Thurrott – Legend In His Own Imagination who is a resident of Boston will be welcomed into the store, if only that can wrap the bastard in bubblewrap and duct tape and throw his ass into the bay.

  7. I remember reading here that there was quite a battle getting the design of this store approved by the historic district review board with approval authority. It looks like Steve won. Again. Is that terra cotta behind the glass wall?

  8. @Tang

    MS is already in possession of those miraculous retail outlets.

    They’re called “Sears”, and every time I walk through one, I see a Zune being returned for a store credit.

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