Ballmer’s Folly continues: Microsoft and Yahoo enter into active merger talks – report

“After a months-long standoff, Microsoft and Yahoo are in active merger talks, a person involved in the discussions said,” The New York Times reports.

“Microsoft, which had threatened to abandon its bid, has increased its offer ‘by several dollars,’ this person said,” The New York Times reports.

“Meanwhile, some Yahoo shareholders say that they have received a flurry of phone calls from both Yahoo and Microsoft, as the two companies are trying to find out what price large shareholders would find acceptable,” The New York Times reports.

Microsoft has privately raised the possibility of upping its offer, currently valued at about $29.30, to as much as $33 a share in recent days. Some shareholders have signaled they are holding out for more than $35. One shareholder said he believed an offer of $34 would probably be sufficient to consummate a deal,” The New York Times reports.

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  1. In my experience with mergers there is no such thing as a ‘merger’.

    All mergers become buyouts after a couple of years.

    And yes you know which company will be bought out and absorbed into the Redmond monolith.

    I feel sorry for Yahoo, their business is profitable and a highly valued brand, they do not need this deal with Microsoft.

    If anything, its Microsoft that needs this deal to survive – not Yahoo.

  2. MS is busy shopping for Yahoo… and if the merger really happen, they’ll be even more busy. At the same time Vista’s causing them a looooooots of problems, and it’s not anytime soon they’ll release Windows 7. Also Dell is going down baby, doooown as fast as a downhill skyiing gold medalist!!!

    Apple has currently the opportunity to throw a kick to all these fellows!!! The time is now, not tomorrow. The should really launch an affordable complete desktop solution for $799 in order to eat all these people’s pie now. The hit would mean a worldwide market share three times bigger in 3 years.

    Just an idea…

  3. Wonder if Jerry Yang will stay after the merger. When Ballmer finally is fired (as we know he will be eventually), Yang could take over as CEO? I doubt it, but you never know.

  4. Microsoft is looking to give the Big Ballmer fist to Yahoo’s Jerry Yang.

    I here Rev3, Apple and Google have been actively interviewing lots of Yahoolagains over the past few weeks

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