Apple posts over 150 sessions for WWDC 2008

Whether you’re interested in the application possibilities of iPhone, Mac OS X Leopard, or both, the sessions and labs planned for this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference will have what you’re after.

Packed with in-depth information, expert guidance from Apple engineers, and hands-on learning, WWDC sessions are designed to help you take advantage of all the latest technologies. Check out the details on over 150 sessions and labs online now. Space for presentations and sessions is limited. Registration is on a first-come, first-served basis.

Save US$300 on your ticket to WWDC. Early registration pricing ends April 25.

More info and link to register here.


  1. This should be interesting:

    “3D Graphics for iPhone using OpenGL”

    “OpenGL ES provides the interface for accelerated 3D graphics on iPhone and iPod touch. We’ll compare OpenGL ES to desktop OpenGL, then show you how OpenGL ES can drive iPhone games and other mobile 3D applications. Learn how to access OpenGL ES from Cocoa Touch, and how to tune your code to the performance profile of iPhone.”

    Google Earth?

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